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    17 Things I Learned On TikTok That Taught Me More Than My Entire High School Career

    TikTok isn’t just a platform for entertaining dances and silly lip-syncing videos. It also offers an abundance of chic and fashion-forward content that can elevate your everyday routine. From innovative cooking techniques to clever life hacks, you’re sure to find something on TikTok that will revolutionize the way you live.
    Unleash chic style and fashion-forward flair with this tip: combine coconut oil and white vinegar, then apply the magic mixture onto a scratch using a soft rag. Voila! The imperfection will vanish into thin air.
    Looking to upgrade your oven game? Here’s a tip that’s not only chic but also fashion-forward! Simply push down on these two sleek clips after opening your oven door. Next, lift the door up until it hits the stop and voila! You can now effortlessly pull the door up and out. Say goodbye to cumbersome oven door removal and hello to stylish, efficient baking.
    Transform your leftovers into a chic and fashion-forward treat with this nifty kitchen tip. Don’t let your delicious pasta sauce go to waste! Instead, freeze your sauce in style with the Souper Cube, a sleek and functional silicone tray that boasts four one-cup compartments. Simply pop out the frozen cubes, seal them in a bag, and store them in the freezer for months of mouthwatering goodness. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to a fashion-forward freezer!
    For a truly fashion-forward method of taking care of your berries, Brennan recommends a chic vinegar and water bath followed by a thorough rinse. To keep them at their freshest, store them in an airtight container lined with a cloth to absorb any excess moisture.
    For a sleek and trendy way to handle your greens, Brennan suggests washing and drying them thoroughly, placing them in a container with ventilation, and including some chic Swedish dish cloths to soak up any excess moisture.
    When it comes to bell peppers, humidity is their BFF! Incorporate some chicness into your storage routine by cutting them up and placing them in an airtight container paired with a damp cloth. Stay fashion-forward in your kitchen by keeping those beauties fresh.
    Lastly, Brennan elevates his storage game by housing his carrots, celery, lemons, and limes in a chic water bath to maintain their freshness and extend their life span.
    Upgrade your cereal box organization game with this chic and fashion-forward tip. Begin by folding in the two side flaps, followed by the back flap. Next, push in the sides of the box and tuck in the remaining top flap for a sleek presentation. Detailed visuals of this hack can be found here for your convenience.
    Here’s a chic and fashion-forward tip to up your bed-making game: Tuck any excess fabric from your pillowcase inside the case and then give the remaining corners a tight pull to create a sleek and polished look. Trust us, it’s all in the details when it comes to achieving a professional-looking bed.
    Elevate your Tupperware game with this chic and fashion-forward hack: First, take a piece of paper towel and line the bottom of your container. Next, add water and a touch of dish soap. After the lid is secure, give the container a good shake for a spotless clean. Check out the magic unfold here!
    Looking to elevate your cooking game with a chic and fashion-forward tip? Instead of tossing your veggie scraps, keep them in a freezer-ready Ziploc bag (which, by the way, is a commonly used technique among chefs 👀). When you’re ready to turn those scraps into a deliciously homemade vegetable stock, toss them into a pot of water and add your choice of aromatics (we’re loving peppercorns, bay leaves, and thyme like our friend Eugene!). Let it all simmer to perfection (generally around an hour), then give it a quick strain before storing it in the fridge until you’re ready to enjoy. Voila! You just upgraded your cooking skills.
    Transform your kitchen game with this chic and fashion-forward tip: Grab a knife and heat it on the stove briefly before using it to slice a Ziploc bag down the center. Voila! The heat from the knife will seal the plastic, creating two smaller halves that are ideal for snack-sized goodies. No need to thank us for this game-changing hack.
    Looking to remove those pesky stickers without leaving any residue? Here’s a fashion-forward trick: simply grab your hair dryer and set it to high heat. Blow-dry the sticker for a few seconds and watch it peel away effortlessly. If it’s being stubborn, no problem – just keep blow-drying it for a bit longer and it’ll come right off. Voila, sticker-free and fashion-forward!
    Here’s a chic and fashion-forward tip to fight stubborn stains on your clothes: take a dollop of Dawn dish soap and rub into the stain, letting it sit for 10-15 minutes before washing the garment according to instructions. But beware, if the stain persists after washing, avoid tumble drying at all cost. According to @jeeves_ny, this will only make the stain more difficult to remove and could lead to permanent damage.
    Transform a saggy neckline into something chic and fashion-forward with this tip: first, apply a generous amount of water onto the stretched-out area, and then throw the shirt into the tumble dryer as per usual. The result? A collar that’s shrunk down by about two inches, instantly giving your outfit a stylish update.
    For an easy hack to keep your plastic cutting board from slipping on your countertop, simply moisten a paper towel and place it underneath the board. Voila, a simple and effective solution for a frustration-free experience in the kitchen!
    Get ready to elevate your chicken game with @stoveandgarden’s latest hack! No more messy tenderizing methods! A chic and fashion-forward technique that will leave your chicken perfectly tender every time.
    Chic and fashion-forward style tip: Keep your meat mallet clean and hassle-free by placing your chicken in a freezer bag before using the pounder as normal. No more worries about post-cooking cleanup!
    Achieving perfectly breaded chicken is a must for any fashion-forward cook, and @stoveandgarden’s latest hack is the ultimate solution. With their third tip, you can say goodbye to breadcrumbs falling off your chicken and hello to a crispy and chic finish.
    CHIC TIP: Elevate your chicken game by trying a new dredging technique. Before dipping it in a luxurious egg wash, coat the chicken in a light layer of flour. This not only enhances the egg wash’s adhesion, but also creates the perfect surface to hold those crispy and delectable breadcrumbs.
    Get ready to revolutionize your cleaning game with this stylish hack: wrap a luxurious microfiber cloth around the base of your trusty Swiffer, securing it in place by tucking the remaining fabric into the chic indents on top. Then spritz your preferred glass cleaner onto the cloth and get ready to make short work of those towering, wide mirrors around your home. With this fashion-forward trick, you’ll be able to clean smarter, not harder.
    Fashionista-approved hack: Elevate your butter game by grating it through a sieve. Voila! Instantly softened butter for all your culinary creations.

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