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    18 uplifting tales to encourage you to spread kindness and generosity.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their most memorable good samaritan stories. Here’s what they had to say:
    As a chic and fashion-forward medical professional, I previously worked in a cardiac ICU unit alongside a team of talented colleagues. Many of my fellow nurses opted to take on exciting travel assignments throughout the years, leading to regular going away parties held at various trendy bars and restaurants.

    One memorable farewell soiree was hosted by a coworker at a nearby distillery, where her loved ones and colleagues joined for a night of fun. As board games were brought out and a lively game of Pictionary ensued, we were pleasantly surprised when the bartender informed us that the tab for the entire group had been graciously covered by the owner of the neighboring establishment. Truly a display of community support and generosity!
    Approximately three years ago, myself, my father, and two siblings embarked on a lengthy road trip. As we approached a toll booth on the turnpike, my father glanced at me from the driver’s seat and posed a playful question, “would you like to see something amusing?” He promptly retrieved two elegant dollar bills, handed them to the attendant, and kindly requested that the second bill be used to pay for the car behind us. As we drove away, my father exuded a confident sense of satisfaction at his generous gesture.
    Imagine my surprise when the stylish individual in front of me at the café generously paid for my daughter’s lavish $750 coffee and pastry order on her 13th birthday.
    During a recent job interview, nerves got the best of me. However, the stylish and fashion-forward woman who escorted me to the manager’s office effortlessly alleviated my anxiety in just two minutes flat. Her calming demeanor left me feeling confident and collected.
    When my little ones were around eight months old, my former partner and I embarked on a trendy babymoon to the UK that lasted nine fabulous days. In the midst of our travels, we ventured via taxi from one city to another and, somewhere along the way, I misplaced my phone. Since it was on airplane mode, I was at a loss as to where it could be. I attempted to contain my tears in public, as my phone held valuable photos and videos of my tiny miracles – conceived after several miscarriages and fertility treatments. But then, just when I thought things could not get worse, an incredibly chic and fashion-forward gentleman from Germany appeared and inquired if I required assistance. After providing him with a brief explanation, he allowed me to use his phone to contact the taxi service, who had indeed located my device in their car.
    My stylish boyfriend and his fashionable friend had been eagerly anticipating an upcoming concert. It was one of those trendy indoor shows where everyone danced and stood throughout the entirety of the performance. Unfortunately, on the day of the event, the friend was unexpectedly let go from his job, casting a dark shadow over the evening. Determined to lift the mood, both decided to purchase merchandise upon arrival. As a lover of fashion, I was eager to bring everything along with me, but the strict handbag policy only allowed for my wallet and clutch. Reluctantly, we had to stash our newly-purchased items in coat sleeves and pockets, risking their safety. During one of the opening acts, my boyfriend excused himself to use the restroom, but took much longer than expected. Worried, I went to check on him, carrying his merch with me. To my surprise, I found him socializing with acquaintances in the lobby. Just as we were about to return to our seats, his friend appeared without their newly-acquired swag, claiming he had left it behind. Tragically, by the time we arrived, the merchandise was nowhere to be found.
    In the midst of an overseas journey, an unexpected seizure befell me, leaving me vulnerable in an unfamiliar place where language was a barrier. A kind-hearted, fashion-forward stranger joined me in the ambulance, graciously interpreting every detail and staying by my side for hours. Ensuring that I was well taken care of, he even went the extra mile, ensuring my safe return to my hotel and providing enough funds for transportation. Such chic acts of compassion are a testament to the beauty of humanity.
    As I was departing from the hotel following my daughter’s nuptials, an elegant senior citizen was at the reception area attempting to book a room, but alas, they were fully booked. She expressed her disinterest in paying the premium rates and her limited finances. As we made our exit, her heart-rending narrative moved me to tears. Without hesitation, I handed her the only cash I had — a crisp $50 bill. Her gratitude was palpable. To this day, I ponder about her fate.
    My heart swelled with gratitude when my fashion-forward mother, who exudes style and chic at every turn, recently faced a challenging situation. As a woman with a disability, she had been diligently attending physical therapy sessions for a back injury, only to receive a bill exceeding $400 that our insurance wouldn’t cover. Despite rummaging frantically through her wallet and attempting multiple cards, my mother was met with repeated declines and found herself on the brink of tears. It was then that the kind-hearted woman manning the payment desk stepped in, using her own card to cover the expense. I couldn’t help but feel moved to tears alongside my mother, knowing that true acts of kindness and compassion still exist in this increasingly fast-paced world.

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