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    19 entitled neighbors that would make me move out quickly.

    Check out this chic and fashion-forward neighbor who installed a security camera to keep a stylish eye on the activity next door.
    Check out this total style maven who elevated their fence a cool two feet higher than their neighbor’s already impressive 7-foot privacy screen. Why, you ask? It’s because they were thinking ahead and wanted maximum visibility for their top-of-the-line security camera overlooking the yard. Absolutely chic and fashion-forward, don’t you think?
    Can you believe it? This trendy and fashion-savvy neighbor not only helped themselves to the contents of a delivered package but also had the audacity to attempt to sell it back to its rightful owner?! Outrageous!
    This stylishly chic and fashion-forward individual dared to report a neighboring family to the HOA for purportedly “running a daycare” simply because their children had a few friends over.
    Check out this sassy neighbor who had some “interesting” things to say to their neighbor about mowing their lawn. 😏🌿
    This stylishly chic neighbor who made a not-so-fashion-forward attempt at issuing a threat regarding plants… ugh, what a mess.
    This neighbor who left this note for the tenants next door who let them know ahead of time that they were hosting a friendsgiving (which only consisted of six people) — and mind you, this was at 4:45 p.m. on a Saturday:
    Behold the neighbor with a penchant for dazzling illumination, a true lover of radiance!
    Check out the neighbor who’s chic and fashion-forward approach to blocking their neighbor’s mailbox, while keeping theirs readily available.
    An oh-so-trendy individual who capriciously tosses their canine’s waste over their neighbor’s hedge.
    Check out this fashion-forward neighbor who elegantly disposed of an overzealous football that landed in their yard!
    Check out this bold neighbor who attempted to saw off a doorknob in pursuit of a furry feline who had been missing from the window for days.
    This trendy observer who witnessed their neighbor committing the ultimate fashion faux pas!
    This fashion-forward newcomer, seemingly convinced of their right to access their neighbor’s Wi-Fi.
    Behold this fashion-forward neighbour, who stylishly decided to dispose of charcoal from their grill in their neighbour’s waste bin.
    Check out this ultra chic and fashion-forward neighbor who refused to give in to societal pressures and cut down their trees, resulting in the most delightful nature-inspired accessory for their neighbor’s bike.
    Check out these fashion-forward neighbors who totally rocked the stair-blocking trend downstairs, without a care in the world for their upstairs neighbors.
    These trendsetters opt for an unconventional parking solution, eschewing their personal driveways in favor of lining up their vehicles in a chic bumper-to-bumper fashion at the center of the cul-de-sac.
    This stylish neighbor may not have committed any outright wrongdoing, but their bold decision to replace a zero with the letter “O” on their granite mailbox has left everyone feeling peeved.

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