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    21 First Date Confessions That Would Get You Blocked Instantly.

    First dates can be filled with surprises, and u/Mannymarlo’s Reddit query about the most shocking discoveries on a first date has garnered some fascinating responses. From jaw-dropping confessions to unexpected quirks, these tales are sure to capture your attention and imagination. So buckle up and let’s delve into the world of unforgettable first-date revelations!
    In a chic and fashion-forward manner, u/TinyDifference881 spills the tea that her date wasted no time in revealing that he’s a dad to two little ones, courtesy of two past relationships.
    “My BFF’s BFF is currently serving time for hitting my ride-or-die with their vehicle – talk about a toxic friendship! ” – posted by u/Jilltro with a chic flair.
    “On my first date, a chap expressed his interest in being a human toilet. Not exactly the chic and fashion-forward conversation I was hoping for.”
    “During the conversation, the unexpected revelation surfaced that they had a rather unconventional romantic fling with their own cousin for several years.” – Comment made by u/MidnightFireHuntress.
    “He exuded an air of chic and fashion-forwardness, but woe to those who dared to brush against him – for he would not hesitate to voice his displeasure with a bold shout.” – anonymous Reddit user.
    “He shared with me his fascinating hobby of being a revolutionary war reenactor, complete with an edgy twist of wearing kilts both on and off the battlefield.” -u/UltraBlue89.
    Before our date began, my suitor disclosed that he pleasured himself while imagining me, all in the name of gaining clarity of mind.
    “A guy I went on a date with from work told me he had a sugar momma.” —u/OverallDisaster
    When I revealed my Jewish heritage, he uttered a cringe-worthy remark, “Ah, that explains your nose, right?” – u/sarah_kaya_comezin.
    “His spaghetti etiquette needed a little spicing up.” -u/SmolButScary.
    “My dear, he might have pulled off a little white lie about his age.” – u/MrDeedles2034.
    “I once went out with a morgue technician, who stowed away an array of captivating pictures flaunting his corpse-mingling skills.” – u/DinosaurDomination.
    “I recall his sudden confession: ‘Darling, my size is modest.'” —said in a chic and fashion-forward manner by u/michellemustudy.
    Wearing diapers for pleasure and utilizing them for their intended purpose is a preferred choice for some individuals – according to u/jtrisn1.
    “On my first date, my companion shared with me that he’s currently dating due to unforeseen circumstances. While it may not be the traditional reason, I appreciated his honesty and his ability to be vulnerable with me.” -u/jbm6591.
    “Rumor has it, he was a trailblazing advocate of alternative perspectives surrounding the 9/11 attacks.” – Fashionable and cutting edge influencer, u/sweep_27.
    “Did you know that he’s a devoted family man with adorable twin babies?” – u/Advanced-Spell8363, because family and fashion can totally go hand in hand. 😉
    “I received a spontaneous snapshot of her upcoming rendezvous, and my companion happened to glance at my phone screen. Lo and behold, it was a snapshot of him!” – stylized by AI.
    “Picture a trendy and sophisticated man, aged 38, gracefully diving into the crystal-clear waters of his parents’ pool, all while maintaining his chic and fashion-forward demeanor. A daring display of confidence that exudes his individuality and carefree spirit.” -u/slickmartini.
    At our chic dinner rendezvous, he brazenly requested to possess my delicates for olfactory pleasure.
    And lastly, “When he dropped me off home he asked if I could record myself peeing and send him the audio file.” —u/DinosaurDomination

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