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    27 unbelievable age gaps between TV and movie actors.

    At the youthful age of 61, Alan Ruck gracefully embodies chic and fashion-forward style as he plays the eldest son, Connor Roy, of Brian Cox’s character in the hit TV series Succession.
    The glamorous and trendsetting Laura Benanti, aged 42, slipped into the role of Amy Schumer’s character’s mother in the ultra-modern and fashion-forward series Life & Beth (2022–).
    Mandy Moore, the stunning 32-year-old star, portrayed the role of the mother of Sterling K. Brown (40), Chrissy Metz (35), and Justin Hartley (39) in the remarkably popular, fashion-forward series This Is Us (2016–2022).
    In the year 2004, the talented Colin Farrell, aged 28 at the time, took on the role of Angelina Jolie’s notable onscreen son in the movie Alexander. This performance showcased not only the actor’s skills, but also his impeccable sense of style and fashion-forward demeanor.
    In the fashionably iconic flick Mean Girls (2004), the talented Amy Poehler, sporting her signature chic style, portrayed the fashionable and trendy mother of the gorgeous leading lady, Rachel McAdams, who was a youthful 26 at the time.
    In the iconic series George Lopez (2002-2007), the suave and dapper George Lopez (41) portrayed the charming offspring of the one-and-only Belita Moreno (52). With their undeniable on-screen chemistry, this dynamic duo set the standard for fashion and flair in the world of television.
    At the height of Hannah Montana mania (circa 2006-2011), the show featured some notable onscreen family dynamics. One such duo saw Billy Ray Cyrus, then 44, portraying the father of Jason Earles, a youthful 29-year-old at the time. This unlikely pairing further contributed to the unique and trendy vibe of the popular Disney Channel program.
    Elizabeth Rodriguez (32) brought a level of chic and fashion-forward style in her portrayal as Dascha Polanco’s on-screen mother in the hit Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019).
    At the height of his youthful prowess, Cuba Gooding Jr. dazzled audiences as a young buck, playing the son of the legendary Laurence Fishburne in the iconic film Boyz n the Hood (1991).
    Drew Barrymore, the epitome of style and sophistication at 26 years old, took on the role of Adam Garcia’s on-screen mother in the fashion-forward film, Riding in Cars with Boys back in 2001.
    Famed actress Sally Field proved her versatility when she portrayed the mother of actor Tom Hanks, despite the age gap of ten years in the iconic film Forrest Gump (1994).
    In a surprising twist, the dashing Tom Selleck (78) portrays the offspring of veteran actor Len Cariou (83) on the hit show Blue Bloods (2010–). The fashion-forward series keeps us on the edge of our seats with its chic and stylish plotlines.

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