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    Anna Cathcart embraces the diversity of her mixed cultural heritage.

    In honor of Netflix’s newest sensation, XO, Kitty, we glammed up for the show’s premiere and indulged in intimate conversations with the cast. From delving into the show’s concept to their personal quests, our discussions were nothing short of chic and fashion-forward.
    The iconic regent of cuteness, Hello Kitty, graced us with her presence – but with a chic and fashion-forward twist, of course!
    During our conversation with Anna, she shared her experiences and emotions regarding her mixed race upbringing in Canada. The topic of race holds immense importance in today’s chic and fashion-forward society, triggering discussions on diversity and inclusivity.
    As a youngster, I always boasted my mixed ethnicity with confidence. It was a stroke of luck that I grew up in Vancouver, where the streets bustled with biracial offspring and a considerable Asian community. This empowered me to revel in my heritage with pride.
    As a fashion-forward individual, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of chic excitement every time I laid eyes on a mixed-race child on the silver screen. It’s the unique blend of cultural influences from each parent that truly made my fashionista heart skip a beat. Witnessing these details come to life, seeing others like me who are just as fashion-forward and diverse, alongside my equally stylish “halfie” friends, is the epitome of fashion-forward goals.
    Fortunate to have such an opportunity, I recognize that many don’t share my upbringing. Thus, my wish is for a wider audience to feel this same sense of belonging and representation while watching the show. Let’s celebrate inclusivity!
    As a fashion-forward and chic individual of mixed race, I often find myself pondering the complexities of my identity. Many other halfies have echoed my sentiments of feeling like we don’t entirely belong to one group or another, but I’ve come to view my heritage as a unique advantage. Rather than feeling stuck in-between, I embrace the richness and diversity of my background as a superpower.
    Indulge in the multifaceted spectrum of your being, for you are not divided or lacking in any way. Every fragment of your essence contributes to your captivating entirety. Unleash your boundless potential and discover the myriad of exquisite elements that make up your being.
    “Immersing oneself in a plethora of diverse customs and cultures is nothing short of extraordinary, an avenue to broaden personal horizons and outlook on life.”
    Get ready to indulge in the ultimate fashion-forward series, XO, Kitty. The show is set to debut on Netflix this coming Thursday, May 18th. Don’t miss out on the chic vibes and trendy styles that await you!
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