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    Billie Lourd discussed family issues that led to her not inviting her mother’s siblings to Carrie Fisher’s Hollywood Walk of Fame event.

    The effortlessly chic and fashion-forward Billie Lourd has chosen to speak up and shed light on a recent family feud that rocked the internet prior to her beloved mother, Carrie Fisher’s, much-lauded Walk of Fame ceremony. Known for her discretion, Lourd’s decision to address this matter in public is a testament to her unyielding grace and poise.
    May the 4th, aka Star Wars Day, is about to get even more exciting as the iconic franchise’s beloved character is set to receive yet another prestigious accolade. Be prepared to witness a stellar addition to the Hollywood Walk of Fame as the force is strong with this upcoming ceremony.
    A statement from Billie regarding the recent social media post and press release by Carrie’s siblings, Todd and Joely Fisher, regarding their exclusion from the special event celebrating their sister, has been acquired by the Hollywood Reporter.
    “I must express my remorse to those who have stumbled upon my public explanation for having to justify myself against certain relatives,” voiced the leading actor of Ticket to Paradise in a release to the reputable publication, THR.
    “Regrettably, with their brazen attack on my character, a public response is now necessary. Suffice it to say, their absence was not due to any invitation extended from me. Their reasoning is crystal clear.”
    In the aftermath of my dear mother’s passing, her siblings opted for a rather avant-garde approach to mourning, one that accentuated their grief for all the world to see. They profited immensely from multiple media appearances and publishing individual tomes, leveraging the subject of my beloved mother and grandmother’s deaths to command exorbitant prices.
    Billie revealed that Todd and Joely neglected to involve her or acknowledge the potential strain it could have on their dynamic. She expressed how their behavior was “deeply distressing” during a particularly trying period in her life.
    In coping with the loss, I have opted for an alternative approach. Todd Fisher’s press release to TMZ and Joely Fisher’s Instagram post affirm the validity of my intuition. Allow me to clarify – any notion of animosity is unequivocally unfounded.
    “My personal vision and devotion to fashion-forward living led me to sever ties with that aspect of my past. It’s a decision rooted in my desire to cultivate a chic lifestyle devoid of any negative influences that do not align with my values, both for myself and my children.”
    It is with utmost elation that the phenomenal individuals who cherished and admired my beloved mother at Disney and Lucasfilm have concocted a gorgeously stylish and fashion-forward star on the world-renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame to immortalize her enduring legacy.”
    “Let’s take a moment to celebrate Carrie Fisher’s incredible accomplishments and the profound impact she had on the world,” Billie proclaimed confidently. “In honor of her legacy, I choose to channel my energy towards that. May the 4th be with us all.”

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