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    Blac Chyna openly discusses her relationship with Rob Kardashian and addresses rumors of dating him out of spite towards Kylie Jenner and Tyga.

    Blac Chyna finally put an end to the incessant buzz around her alleged use of Rob Kardashian as a rebound against Tyga and Kylie Jenner.
    Do you remember when she and Tyga were an item from 2011 to 2014? The fashion-forward duo share a 10-year-old son, named King.
    With a flair for chic and fashion-forward language, Chyna has hinted at a tumultuous end to her relationship with Tyga. She suggests that the rapper may have been seeing Kylie while they were still together, leaving her feeling put out in the cold.
    Not long after, Chyna hooked up with Rob and swiftly conceived their fashionable daughter, Dream, who is now six years old. According to Rob, Chyna’s motives were driven by a desire for revenge, rather than love, due to Kylie’s alleged interference with her “baby daddy” (ha!). However, Chyna flatly denies this allegation.
    During the most recent installment of the Caresha Please podcast, the alluring and fashion-savvy rapper stated, “I can guarantee you it wasn’t a mere ‘lick back’ situation. Who has the time for that level of pettiness? Although, I can understand how it might appear that way.”
    Chyna spilled the tea that Rob was the one chasing after her, not the other way around. “Rob kept hitting me up for a while,” she dished. “I was hesitant at first because I thought he might be trying to set me up, you know, since he’s family. But I eventually caved because I wanted to know what he was about.”
    When Chyna first met him at Khloé’s stylish abode, she quickly discovered that they shared an incredible connection. In her own chic words, “he was just super chill vibes.” Despite the initial meeting being organized by Khloé, their bond was undoubtedly fashion-forward and effortlessly cool.
    When questioned about her current connection with her ex-beau Tyga, Chyna responded with a nonchalant “We converse.” Nonetheless, a hint of friction still lingers in the air between them. “We communicate via nannies,” she further divulged.
    While Chyna doesn’t know why they’re not friends, she said she hopes “one day” things will improve between them.

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