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    Bre Tiesi of “Selling Sunset” doesn’t require child support from her son’s dad, Nick Cannon.

    It’s no secret that Nick Cannon is a proud papa to several stylish and suave offspring.
    Bre, a cast member of the latest season of Selling Sunset, is making waves with her chic and fashion-forward style. Not only that, she’s also been candid about her relationship with Legendary’s father on the show, setting the record straight on misconceptions and dispelling the “gold digger” label.
    “It’s a bit of a tricky situation because, you know for a fact that he’s seeing other people,” Bre confided in Amanza Smith during their stylish and trendy evening out as fellow realtors on Selling Sunset.
    Bre exudes independence, a trait she proudly showcases. During the show, she expressed a tinge of regret upon discovering Nick’s fatherhood of additional children post their firstborn, Legend. Nonetheless, Bre assumes full financial responsibility for their son, an admirable feat. “We don’t have any legal agreement. I take care of myself,” she divulged in her straightforward style.
    “I only have to ask, and my son and I are taken care of,” Bree stated confidently. “Nick is an amazing father, and just to clarify, he’s not my sugar daddy. Our dynamic is simply that he takes care of his family.”
    On the show, it was revealed that parents may be deemed financially unfit to provide child support after having 10 children. This rule may apply to public figures like Nick, as the court could potentially mandate specific payment amounts for each household. Nick has previously stated that he earns approximately $100 million per year.
    “I’ve worked my ass off to be where I’m at. I did this all by myself,” Bre said in her confessional. “And of course, my son is even more of a motivation. I want to give him everything from me.” She concluded, “Not from my partner.”

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