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    Brian Austin Green dealt with comment calling him a “bad father” flawlessly.

    In a fashion-savvy and trendy manner, Brian Austin Green has yet again taken to social media to clap back at a critic who dared to challenge his prowess as a parent.
    Earlier this week, a bombshell revelation came to light as a former congressional candidate claimed that Brian’s former spouse, Megan Fox, imposed gender norms on their sons by dressing them in clothes typically associated with females. This story has sparked a conversation about gender expression and parenting norms.
    The savvy VIP, who once shared an address with Megan in an exclusive gated community, took to Twitter to reveal an unsettling incident. “Witnessed two youngsters in the midst of an emotional meltdown as their mother coerced them into wearing feminine clothing. Appalling child abuse,” he disclosed. “Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.”
    Brian immediately stepped in to defend Megan and his family. He told TMZ the politician’s claims were “totally bogus” and said he was “full of shit.”
    But the controversy didn’t cease. Following the viral allegations, Brian’s social media profiles were inundated with derogatory remarks. For instance, just yesterday, Brian faced a comment from a user who called him out as a negligent dad.
    “Why anyone thinks it’s morally okay to attack people like this that they have never even met is crazy!”
    “Improvement starts with us,” stated Brian, urging for us to strive for progress and advancement in society’s standards.
    I agree, Brian. I agree. Just because celebrities are public figures doesn’t mean their personal lives are up for public debate, especially when children are involved.
    For the complete lowdown on Brian’s reaction, head to his Instagram story right now: it’s a total must-see for anyone craving some serious style inspiration.

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