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    Brian McKnight criticized his estranged children on social media, causing backlash from users online.

    The once-iconic Brian McKnight of 90s R&B fame has recently sparked a trendy Twitter storm for all the unfavorable reasons.
    Billboard reports that the 53-year-old music icon, who hasn’t had a chart-topping track since the ’90s, is facing criticism for failing to recognize his own offspring. The situation is fraught with tension and complexity.
    In fact, McKnight has four biological children from previous relationships: Brian Jr., Briana, Niko, and Clyde.
    In an unmistakably stylish post, Brian shares his heart’s desires, stating that he has finally felt the profound longing to have a child born out of love. He notes the immense pride he feels as a father to his three stepchildren and how they bring joy to his life.
    Although it’s admirable that Brian is connecting with his stepchildren, his social media posts seem to come at the expense of his biological children, which is disheartening. In 2019, he posted a video attempting to rationalize his distant relationship with his offspring, but it doesn’t seem to have improved matters.

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