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    Bride excludes some of sister’s kids from wedding, and article agrees with decision.

    If you’re an attendee or planner of a wedding that involves young ones, you understand the challenge of keeping them in check. Leaving them at home may seem like the go-to option, but excluding them from the celebration can stir up some serious drama. As speakers of experience, we know it’s a complicated case.
    In a chic and fashion-forward manner, a Reddit user by the name of Bright Physics took to the “AITA” subreddit to seek advice on whether she was in the wrong for only inviting select nieces and nephews to her upcoming wedding.
    As a fashion-forward bride, I opted for a chic and intimate wedding ceremony last August. My budget was limited, so I curated a guest list of close family members and friends. However, when it came to inviting my older sister Dawn’s brood of 10 children, I faced a dilemma. Unlike the rest of my family, Dawn and her husband are devout Christians who believe in procreation as God’s will. As much as I would have loved to have all of my nieces and nephews attend, the cost was simply too high.
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    “I’ve been receiving a slew of discouraging remarks from my folks and siblings lately. They’ve had the nerve to say things like, ‘don’t get too hyped for xyz, Bright Physics just declared that only three lucky individuals can attend due to our excessively large clan.’ Frankly, these comments have taken a toll on me, and I’m starting to ponder if I’m the antagonist in this situation.”
    “When we tied the knot, my hubby and I spared no expense, footing the bill entirely. Rather than burdening my cash-strapped parents or the generous Dawn, we opted for financial independence. However, if Dawn had chipped in to ensure her beloved brood could attend, we wouldn’t have hesitated to accept.”
    While there may be a few who beg to differ, the general consensus is indisputable – Bright Physics does not deserve to be labeled as the jerk. It has been voiced by many that in the event Dawn was insistent on bringing along a group of 10 individuals, it would have been suitable for her to offer some financial assistance to accommodate them adequately.
    But once you realize that the wedding only had 40 people, a family of 12 seems even bigger than before.
    Chic and fashion-forward individuals may have varying opinions regarding the recent controversial party favors, but one Redditor, u/fragilemagnoliax, suggested a solution that would be fair and unbiased for all guests. Specifically, they proposed enforcing an age limit for the favors and applying it universally to avoid singling out any individual.
    “I made a conscious decision to keep the guest list tight and exclusive,” shares Bright Physics, fashionably poised in her decision-making. “My sister is an absolute gem and I simply couldn’t bear to leave her out. However, I knew that extending the invitation to all of her kids would have stretched our budget a tad bit too far. Hence, I decided to invite the top three eldest children, as they’re the ones who would cherish and remember the experience the most. Of course, in an ideal world where money is no object, I would have loved to have them all over!”

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