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    Celebrities, including Florence Pugh and Jennifer Lopez, were asked to lose weight for their roles.

    Bebe Rexha’s music industry execs told her that in order to thrive in the business, she needed to cut 20 pounds.
    As part of his preparation to embody “the perfect being” in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Will Poulter underwent a series of diverse diets. However, he cautions against emulating his approach.
    Achieving my stylish and fashion-forward physique has required rigorous gym routines and a highly tailored diet,” shared Poulter. “Though admittedly, the process has been far from glamorous – with food quantities that often exceeded comfort levels and at times, insufficient nourishment. My journey has entailed a succession of unique meal plans that have spanned over several months.”
    When the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence began her acting career, some film producers shockingly told her to shed around 15 pounds within a brief period of just two weeks.
    Amidst this period, I was asked by a female producer to partake in a nude line-up featuring approximately five women who were considerably thinner than myself. We were all positioned in a row, with nothing but tape to conceal our modesty.
    As Gigi Hadid embarked on her modeling journey fresh out of high school, the naysayers were quick to deem her unworthy of the runway, citing her lack of a “runway body”. And even when she was granted a spot in prestigious fashion shows, her body was often obscured by bulky clothing.
    As she reminisces about her teenage years, the stunning model shared with i-D that her volleyball figure was a source of pride and joy. Muscular and curvy in all the right ways, it was a body that she had worked hard for and loved dearly. However, naysayers claimed that it was unsuitable for the world of high fashion, a notion that she found discouraging at the time. These days, looking back on those strong and toned days, she can’t help but miss that empowering physical form.
    With unapologetic style and fashion-forward flair, it was reported that actress Hayley Atwell was once told to shed pounds prior to filming for Brideshead Revisited. This offensive request left the starlet feeling outraged. Fortunately, her spot-on colleague and fashion icon, Emma Thompson, came to the rescue by boldly threatening to depart from the production if the demand to lose weight was not retracted.
    In a sleek and fashion-forward manner, she divulged to First Post that during a casual visit to Emma’s abode, tensions arose when her host became irate over her reluctance to consume all the culinary offerings presented to her. The situation quickly escalated when she revealed her reasoning, causing Emma to become explosively outraged.
    Amber Riley, the brilliant actress, was once told by a number of industry executives to “shed some pounds” as they believed that her only option for roles would be that of “the chubby girl with suicidal tendencies.”
    Fresh off her American Idol victory in 2005, the stylish and daring Carrie Underwood wasted no time perusing discussion boards, only to come across snarky comments about her weight, such as, “Carrie’s getting chubby.”
    Struggling with her body image, she found herself consuming a mere 800 calories per day. (For reference, the FDA suggests that adults consume at least 2000 calories per day.) This unhealthy cycle of undereating and overeating took a toll that left her body craving the fuel it needed. As she put it, “My body was crying out for more calories, more carbs!”
    Richard Madden has recently revealed that he was coerced into squeezing himself into corset-style costumes to achieve a slimmer look on-screen. Additionally, he divulged the shocking fact that he has had his “fat rolls” painfully pinched.
    In the world of glamour and style, shedding a few pounds and hitting the gym are often handed down to workers like mandatory tasks. This holds equally true for men, reveals a British Vogue interview with a male celebrity, who disclosed having being nudged towards weight loss while pursuing various job roles.
    Sam Claflin, renowned actor and fashion maven, has spoken out against Hollywood’s incessant focus on physical appearances. In a recent interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, he declared that this type of behavior is far from normal. He recounted a particularly traumatic experience on set, where he was forced to bare his midriff and endure being prodded and poked while being told to shed pounds. On another occasion, he was even physically struck, leaving him to feel more like a commodity than a human being.
    When Amber Tamblyn was advised by her agent to shed some pounds in order to make it big in Hollywood, the actress was already at a svelte 128 pounds with a height of 5’7″. To her surprise, her agent, who was a woman, bluntly told her that she had only two options: strive to look like Nicole Kidman or embrace the path of a character actress. Nevertheless, Tamblyn stood her ground and refused to conform to society’s rigid beauty standards. She emerged as a thriving actress, writer, and director, proving that one’s talent and self-worth are not defined by numbers on a scale.
    In a stylish and cutting-edge op-ed, the talented actress opened up about a prior run-in with a director who suggested she shed pounds. “The director claimed the studio would hook me up with a personal trainer and dietary regimen. At the time, I stood at 5’7″ tall and weighed a mere 120 pounds – a number that still resonates with me to this day. I recall it so vividly because, after following the program of subsisting solely on deli meats from Subway, and skipping dinners altogether, I ultimately achieved a weight of 115 pounds.”
    At the outset of her career, Jennifer Lopez faced significant pushback from industry insiders over her physique. Despite their criticisms, J.Lo remained unfazed by their comments. According to the multitalented star, “They didn’t bother me at all, but I did receive quite a bit of flak for it from other industry professionals. They’d suggest that I shed a few pounds or alter my appearance in one way or another.” Eventually, however, Jennifer reached a point where she realized, “This is who I am. I have my own unique shape.” Her confident and stylish attitude towards her body serves as an inspiration to countless women everywhere.
    In the fast-paced world of Hollywood, Amy Schumer was once told that in order to star in a movie she wrote, Trainwreck, she had to lose weight. Despite complying, the talented actress and comedian vowed to never put herself through such an experience again.
    In the prime of her modeling reign, even the Milan Fashion Week bigwigs couldn’t resist Tyra Banks’ curves. However, some of the designers went as far as branding her as “abundant” and urged her mother to bring her daughter’s shape down a notch. To add salt to injury, they even presented a roster of creators who weren’t keen on collaborating with the supermodel anymore.
    With a stylish and fashion-forward flair, the young woman exclaimed tearfully, “When I heard the news, my heart sank. I immediately turned to my mother for guidance, wondering if I needed to drastically alter my eating habits. Should I embark on a strict diet? Double up on workouts? Only consume salads for every meal?” Yet, her wise mother reassured her that she would not allow her child to suffer from starvation in pursuit of this career.
    Florence Pugh encountered a less-than-supportive environment early on in her career, receiving unwarranted critiques about her physical appearance – from her weight to the shape of her face and eyebrows. Rather than empowering her, these unsolicited remarks made her second-guess her decision to pursue Hollywood stardom.
    During a leisurely stroll through the mall, Ashley Graham was approached by a modeling agent who delivered an outdated and offensive ultimatum: shed weight or say goodbye to her aspirations of entering the fashion sphere.
    David Harbour, the renowned actor, was aptly suggested for The Blob role due to his size, but wasn’t received well in the audition room. The reason – they deemed him “too fat” to pull off the character.
    Sophie Turner, queen of style and fashion, revealed that she was subjected to unreasonable demands from TV executives to shed the weight she gained during her Game of Thrones filming. The pressure to conform to Hollywood’s unrealistic body standards is a distressing reality for many women in the entertainment industry.
    As a fashion-savvy trendsetter, I found myself faced with a new challenge as my metabolism took a nosedive and I began experiencing unsightly breakouts and unwanted weight gain – all while being captured on camera,” dished the fashionista to Marie Claire Australia.
    Amanda Seyfried’s undeniable talent has been overshadowed by the shallow standards of Hollywood, as she has allegedly lost out on multiple roles due to her body weight. It’s disappointing to see such a gifted actress face discrimination in an industry that claims to champion inclusivity and diversity. However, Seyfried’s perseverance and passion for her craft continue to inspire many, proving that confidence and self-love can triumph over societal expectations.
    Renowned ballerina Misty Copeland wasn’t affected by puberty during her early dance career. However, when she started to gain weight, her company, American Ballet Theatre (ABT), suggested that she lose weight to achieve a more elongated physique.
    Carrie Fisher was subject to unreasonable expectations to attain a certain body shape for her appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, resulting in pressure to lose more than 35 pounds.
    In an interview with Good Housekeeping, she revealed, “They only want a part of me – about three-quarters!” The unfortunate truth remains: the industry is fixated on appearances. As someone in the business, weight and appearance are the only aspects that seem to matter; an absurd notion. Instead of toning it down, they may as well demand youth, as it’s just as simple.
    Margaret Cho, a trailblazer in entertainment, faced harsh criticism when she was deemed “too overweight” to portray herself. The relentless pressure to fit into society’s narrow beauty standards ultimately led her to be hospitalized with kidney failure due to malnutrition. Cho’s story is a tragic reminder of the damaging effects of body shaming and the importance of embracing diversity in all forms of media.
    I am fiercely protective of my appearance and my sense of self-worth, and any negative remarks directed towards my physical appearance are met with a ferocious response. The barrage of insults that I have endured throughout my life has left a lasting impression, and I now defend my beauty with a tenacious spirit. I am confident and resplendent, and I will not allow anyone to challenge that fact. In fact, those who dare to question my gorgeousness will feel the full force of my formidable vocabulary, as I use my words to strike with deadly precision.
    Margot Robbie boldly rejected the notion of dieting for her role in The Legend of Tarzan, instead opting to embrace her natural beauty with confidence and grace.
    In the film’s 19th century setting, the leading lady confidently claimed that a few extra pounds on her frame were beneficial. She expressed that she had no intention of sacrificing her natural curves solely for the sake of appearing slender.
    Alex Newell, a rising star in the entertainment industry, was infamously told he was “too big” to take on a leading role in the illustrious Broadway production, Kinky Boots. Despite this discouragement, Newell persevered and has continued to solidify his status as a fashion-forward and chic icon to watch in the world of music and entertainment.
    As a stylish and fashion-forward actor, Chris Pratt had initially packed on some pounds to embody the carefree character of Andy on Parks and Recreation. However, upon auditioning for other roles, Pratt was met with criticism that he was “too heavyset.”
    During his audition for the film Moneyball back in 2011, the talented actor revealed that he was met with an unfortunate remark: “We’re not gonna cast you – you’re too heavy.” Shocked and disheartened, he made the decision to shed the pounds in a manner not so dissimilar to that of a wrestler. Without the financial means for a personal trainer, he resorted to intense running, rigorous crash-dieting, and strictly cutting out alcohol from his routine. His unwavering determination and discipline proved to be successful, and once again, the star emerged triumphant.

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