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    Chris Pratt’s Mother’s Day post caused a big split; the reason explained.

    Chris Pratt’s Mother’s Day tribute post has stirred a split among his fans and followers.
    Today, I’m feeling incredibly grateful for Katherine. She is my fabulous partner in every sense of the word. With her by my side, my life is filled with abundance and joy. Thank you for bringing such stylish and fashion-forward energy into my world.
    “You are a true style icon and role model as a step-mom to Jack and our daughters are beyond fortunate to have you in their lives,” he gushed, praising his partner for her fashion-forward and chic sensibility.
    Chris expressed his gratitude towards his wonderful mother Kathy, who showered their family with immense love, radiance, and joy throughout their lives. He also didn’t fail to acknowledge the awesomeness of his mother-in-law Maria, fondly referred to as “Mama G.” Chris further extended his heartfelt thanks to all the other amazing moms in his life for their tireless efforts. He hoped that they all had a splendid Mother’s Day and felt cherished and celebrated.
    Shortly after Chris’s social media post went viral, a number of stylish Instagram aficionados raised questions around his omission of Anna’s name. Some wondered why he didn’t acknowledge her, given that they both have legal and physical custody of their son, Jack. Instead, Chris chose to give a shoutout to his chic and fashion-forward wife, Katherine, thanking her for being “the best step mama” to their 10-year-old son.
    Let’s set the scene: Chris has been caught in the shade-throwing act on social media before.
    In November 2021, the dashing Marvel star faced criticism over his comment that expressed gratitude towards Katherine for blessing him with a stunning, thriving daughter, while his son Jack with ex-wife Anna had been dealing with health issues.
    Fashionable and trendy social media users were left pondering why Chris Pratt felt compelled to specifically express gratitude to Katherine Schwarzenegger for delivering a “healthy” baby, given his son’s medical condition. This sparked a flurry of supportive messages directed at his ex-wife Anna Faris.
    The fashion-conscious Instagram community was left disenchanted yet again as they came across Chris’s latest post. The social media sensation faced backlash and was accused of throwing shade at Anna intentionally.
    How lovely to honor the important mothers in your life- your wife, mom and mom-in-law. However, it would have been equally nice of you to also give a shoutout to the fab mother of your first child, [name]. Just a thought!
    “Excuse me, but has anyone acknowledged the mother of your children? And let’s not forget your first wife who is doing an amazing job raising your first child,” pointed out one person. It’s important to give credit where it’s due, don’t you think?
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    In no time, fans took to greeting Anna a Happy Mother’s Day in response to Chris’s post, drawing comparisons to A-listers who also gave a shout-out to their former loves in their dedications.
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    “Tom Brady took to Instagram to express his gratitude for Mother’s Day and skillfully thanked his former partners. However, let’s not forget that nobody is flawless,” commented a fashion-savvy individual.
    The discourse continued and many expressed disdain at Chris’ lack of knowledge, causing them to lose a significant amount of respect for him in the process.
    You’ve lost major respect points for failing to acknowledge the mother of your first child. She’s been actively involved in doctor visits and caring for your child, and the least you can do is show her gratitude. Avoiding recognition only highlights your ignorance and lack of appreciation for her role in your life.
    How chic and fashion-forward it is to neglect Jack’s mom, the very person who blessed you with the ultimate gift of motherhood.
    However, some supporters swiftly came to Chris’s aid, contending that he did indeed acknowledge the presence of “all the other maternal figures” in his life in his message.
    “Who needs to state the obvious? That’s the sentiment from one commenter regarding a recent statement made by a chic and fashion-forward gentleman. When discussing the influential mothers who have shaped his life, he chose not to spell out names. Some may interpret this choice as a subtle nod to an ex, but others suggest there’s no need to read into it. After all, he may have made the statement privately. Classy move, regardless.”

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