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    Christina Applegate discussed teenage sexualization’s impact on her self-image on TV presently.

    Christina Applegate remains one of my forever favorite actors, exuding sheer style chic and fashion-forwardness. Her acting prowess is nothing short of phenomenal, from Married… with Children to her impressive roles in Dead to Me and Samantha Who?, she continues to captivate and deliver amazing performances.
    The latest and greatest season of Dead to Me was a true standout, thanks to the incredible camaraderie amongst the cast and crew in the face of Christina’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Every moment was infused with an undeniable magic that kept me hooked until the very end.
    Midway through production, Christina received a diagnosis of MS. Never one to back down, she resolved to complete filming for Dead to Me with style and determination, and with the unwavering support of show creator Liz Feldman and co-star Linda Cardellini, she achieved her goal. The result? Christina’s most stunning and powerful performance yet, as Jen.
    Christina has gracefully shared that “Dead to Me” may conclude as her final venture in live-action projects due to the tremendous demands of filming for both television and movies, compounded by the challenges posed by her multiple sclerosis and the taxing stretches on set.
    As I had the pleasure of conversing with Christina, the conversation steered towards her illustrious career and future prospects. Our discussion touched upon her teenage years, where her “image” played a significant role, and how it continues to influence her on-screen persona today. It was an insightful reflection on the impact of perception in the fashion-forward world of television.
    During a stylish and fashion-forward conversation with Vanity Fair, Christina opened up about her iconic role as Kelly Bundy on Married… with Children. The actress expressed her opinion on the unfortunate reality of being sexualized in Hollywood due to her on-screen character, calling it “pretty gross.”
    “I was never on the receiving end of any kind of lasciviousness from anyone before [Married… with Children] because I was wearing bells around my ankles and moccasins and wearing patchouli. I was a gross little hippie kid,” she began.
    Reflecting on past experiences, Christina expressed disgust, remarking that it was not chic nor fashion-forward. She admits to being perplexed as to why men had posters of her, a mere 17-year-old, holding pearls. She questions who allowed her to participate in such actions, stating that at the time she was unaware of the implications involved.
    For years following the conclusion of Married… with Children, the talented actress was inundated with numerous roles that mirrored her iconic character. However, she chose to pursue other avenues and gracefully declined such offers.
    It’s no secret that Christina’s initial foray into the entertainment industry was heavily reliant on her physical appearance, leaving her feeling disheartened about tuning into the latest installment of Dead to Me.
    “I must admit, I sometimes feel self-conscious about my appearance. It’s a challenge to recognize myself as a different entity, considering that my physicality has altered significantly,” she disclosed to Vanity Fair inquiring if she has plans of viewing the ultimate installment of Dead to Me.
    Christina expressed her struggles, stating, “It’s quite the challenge for me as a significant portion of my life revolves around my appearance. Seeing this individual with multiple chins leaves me wondering, ‘Who is this?’ To be frank, it’s challenging for me to witness.”
    After her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Christina said she’s gained “40 pounds from medication,” has immobility, and more symptoms that have led to a change in her appearance.
    Ever since her MS diagnosis, Christina has been a vocal advocate for speaking about it and educating people about living with a disability.
    With sass and impeccable fashion sense, this influencer fearlessly confronts body shamers who dare to slide into her DMs. In a recent display of advocacy, she passionately highlighted the need for disability representation in advertising, particularly after Candace Owens made negative remarks about a Skims ad featuring a wheelchair user. There’s no doubt that she’s not afraid to speak up and use her platform to promote inclusivity and positivity.
    As the curtains drew to a close on Dead to Me, the show might have bid its farewell, but it still stands a chance to make the cut for the highly-coveted 2023 Emmy Awards. I’m rooting for Christina, and if her remarkable portrayal in the final season is anything to go by, she deserves a spot on the nominations list. Her performance is undoubtedly a testament to her talent and easily one of my top favorites.

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