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    Divorced bride demands full refund from wedding photographer four years later.

    Wedding photography has become a global trend, with couples worldwide investing in professional photographers to capture cherished moments on their big day. The cost of such services varies widely, with some couples spending between 1,000 and10,000 on average to secure the best photographers.
    Splurging on photography services may be an indulgence, but the stunning visuals captured will withstand the test of time… or so the adage goes.
    In a series of captivating messages that Romeo recently shared, a woman lamented how her wedding photos have become obsolete over time. She reminisces about a remarkable photoshoot that took place during her big day in Durban back in 2019. Regrettably, after a disheartening divorce, the once-coveted pictures lost their significance to her and her ex-husband. The woman, however, applauded Romeo’s remarkable work on the now-discarded photos.
    In a bold and fashion-savvy move, she requested a complete reimbursement for her purchase, citing that the items were no longer necessary for her needs.
    With a sense of chic disbelief, Romeo demands to know if this is all just a big role play. However, his hopes are quickly dashed as she assures him that it’s very real. When he suggests a refund, she’s met with a fashion-forward response – “I can’t refund you, darling, because once the pictures are taken, they’re taken”.
    The stylish and trendsetting bride-to-be refused to accept rejection and firmly stated, “I have every right to request a refund as I no longer require your photographic services. Although I comprehend that this is not your error, you are a professional business and it is expected that you accommodate refund requests.”
    In a bold move, the savvy galley owner continued to press Romeo for a positive response, even hinting at legal action. With a nod to her business acumen, the 34-year-old photographer acquiesced, assuring her that his lawyers would handle any potential disputes.
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    After revealing the scandalous texts on the internet, Romeo divulged that the ex-bride’s legal representative had contacted him of her own accord. “It’s amusing, really, because our call was filled with laughter,” quipped Romeo. “He unequivocally assured me that there was no need for concern since this wasn’t a legit lawsuit.”
    With a staggering 350,000 views garnered from his tweets, it’s no wonder that news of the lady’s refund request had reached her ex-husband. Romeo has been given permission to share their conversation online, but the identity of the ex-husband remains undisclosed. “On behalf of my ex-wife, please accept my apologies,” he expressed in shame for the embarrassing situation.

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