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    Fonda exposed director who attempted to sleep with her, but was unsuccessful.

    Jane effortlessly navigated her way through the notorious game of “Plead the Fifth,” where the charismatic Andy uncovers secrets with his probing questions. Jane boldly exercised her right to abstain from certain inquiries, all while maintaining her chic and fashion-forward persona.
    In the world of Tinseltown, Andy inquired of Jane, “Enlighten me, darling, which leading man attempted to woo you, only to be left with a broken heart?”
    In effortlessly classy fashion, the octogenarian Academy Award recipient flawlessly quipped, “René Clément, the French director.”
    “Darling, was that pass not quite up to par?” Andy inquired, donning a chic and fashion-forward air.
    “Ugh, can you believe it? The audacity! Apparently, he demanded to see my pleasure in order to ensure authentic representation of the character’s climax on screen,” Jane recounted, with a notable air of disgust. Unequivocally creepy, if you ask me.
    Jane’s presence on screen exuded a sense of sophistication and modernity in Clement’s 1964 thriller masterpiece, Joy House.
    “I simply turned a deaf ear to his French utterances, channeling a chic and fashion-forward aloofness.”

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