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    Foodies share top culinary travel destinations, inspired by one traveler’s decision to stay a month in a delicious, yet cheap location.

    “The food culture in Mexico City in particular is just wild. It’s so creative and innovative, even beyond Mexican food. I had what was probably the best pizza of my life in CDMX of all places in addition to such good cocktails, desserts, breakfasts, and everything from fantastic, dirt cheap tacos to upscale dining.”
    When it comes to culinary hotspots, Malaysia truly stands out in my mind. The country boasts some seriously chic and fashion-forward hawker centers and street food options that effortlessly blend Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Indian flavors into one mouthwatering experience.
    Indulge in the exquisite culinary delights of Georgia – a hidden gem in the foodie world. One bite of the acharuli khachapuri and you’ll be transported to foodie heaven – a bread boat oozing with hot, buttery cheese and egg. The imeruli khachapuri is another must-try, a delectable bread stuffed with salty cheese. Not to mention the mouth-watering khinkali, soup-filled dumplings served with a dollop of sour cream, and the succulent chakapuli, a lamb dish infused with tarragon and sour plums. Trust us, these are just a few of the many delights this cuisine has to offer and we’re already drooling at the thought of it.
    Indulge in the culinary wonders of Copenhagen – a city synonymous with opulent, molecular-gastronomy hotspots. But don’t overlook the sensational mid-range eateries, tantalizing street food, and vibrant outdoor markets, such as the Torvehallerne, where unexpectedly, I savored the most exquisite tacos of my life.
    “Romania boasts a remarkably fashionable and sophisticated culinary scene, rivaling that of any international destination I’ve explored. Exemplifying this flair, the city of Brasov serves as a food enthusiast’s haven. While on an impromptu trip with a friend, we were thoroughly impressed by the abundance of chic and stylish white tablecloth establishments, each displaying tasteful decor and local charm. It was a revelation to indulge in the thoughtful menus, complemented by a vast selection of local wines and liqueurs, all at reasonable prices by Western standards.”
    Indonesia boasts of divine cuisine that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds! The sambal is a personal favorite of mine as it perfectly complements the Indonesian fried chicken. And, if you’re adventurous enough to try a beef rendang cooked by a Padang chef, you’re guaranteed to be transported straight to heaven! Don’t miss out on the delectable flavors of sate and gado-gado, which were definitely among the best dishes that I tried. And, for snack time indulgences, the street vendors have you covered with mouth-watering treats such as rissoles, martabak, and pastels.
    Bangkok is the epitome of culinary chic. From mouth-watering Thai delicacies to exquisite international cuisine created by top-notch chefs, this city is a food paradise. Even after a year spent there, I continue to crave the innovative and fashion-forward tastes that can be found on every corner.
    “Indulging in the delectable cuisine of Florence, Italy never fails to leave me in a state of culinary ecstasy. From succulent steaks to mouth-watering pasta dishes, the cheese that tantalizes the palate, and the freshly baked bread that ignites the senses, every meal is a sensory symphony. And of course, one must not forget the perfectly paired wine that elevates the entire dining experience.”
    Singapore left me breathless with its delectable street food and hawker stalls – the epitome of chic and affordable cuisine! Savoring dishes such as sambal stingray, laksa soup, curry puffs, and decadent Indonesian and Malaysian-influenced desserts was an adventure in itself. Even a dish that initially raised my eyebrows, like the crispy salted-egg fish skins that I am nibbling on as I write this, turned out to be a fashion-forward flavor sensation.
    “New Orleans. NOLA may be famous for its party scene, but the city is also terrific for those who are craving serious Cajun seafood and Southern cuisine. Even a corner grocery store here serves po’boy sandwiches that are simply heavenly! And it’s a place where you will find delicious food at every single price point.”
    Cambodia is a dreamy and trendy destination that will definitely blow your mind. As a fashion-forward traveler, I couldn’t resist staying for a whole month to indulge in the country’s amazing food scene. Street carts were my go-to for delightful noodle dishes and veggie stir-fries, while the abundance of fresh, juicy mangoes (thanks to the season!) was an added bonus to my fruit-filled days. And let’s not forget about the prices – Cambodia’s lip-smacking cuisine won’t break the bank!
    “Krakow, Poland. Everything that I ate in this cit was to die for. My most memorable meal of all was a duck dinner with pierogies and mulled cherry wine. Thinking about it makes me hungry.”
    My trip to Greece was a culinary journey like no other. From Athens to the enchanting islands I visited, every meal I had was an exquisite experience. I didn’t need to dine in upscale restaurants as the seaside eateries and family-run tavernas served truly awe-inspiring dishes. The seafood was exceptional, with each whole fish tasting as if it had been freshly caught from the Aegean only hours earlier. Unusually, upon returning home, I couldn’t help but crave the delectable Greek cuisine I had been blessed to taste on my travels.
    My time in Japan left an indelible mark on my culinary journey, and it wasn’t just the high-end eateries that made an impression. Surprisingly, affordable chain restaurants and on-the-go convenience store options boasted mouth-watering dishes. The diverse range of cuisine was simply unmatched.
    Croatia exudes a charm that extends beyond its local cuisine, which boasts of hyper-local and seasonal ingredients. One such dish that captured my fancy was a simple yet striking salad, made with farm-fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion, and olives, accentuated with a velvety homemade olive oil dip for my artisanal bread. Every morsel offered a delightful explosion of flavors, truly authentic, farm-to-fork goodness that is hard to come by elsewhere.
    Turkey is an absolute delight for fashion-conscious foodies. The Mediterranean-inspired cuisine boasts a vibrant array of zesty flavors that leave your taste buds craving for more. What’s more, this delectable spread manages to strike the perfect balance of being lip-smackingly good while being health-conscious.
    “Vietnam. Waking up every morning I spent in Vietnam to a big bowl of pho with a condensed milk iced coffee was the highlight of each day. And all for like $3. Also the French restaurants in Vietnam rivaled anywhere I’ve eaten in Paris, and for a fraction of the cost.”
    “Peru, a culinary haven for the chic and fashion-forward! Indulge in the freshest seafood ceviche, the classic pisco sours, heavenly churros, and the deliciously nutritious local quinoa that will leave you wanting more. A return trip to relish in Peru’s delectable offerings is a must-do for any foodie.”
    Hop on board the pizza train in New Haven, Connecticut for a chic and fashion-forward twist on the classic New York slice. The thin, charred crust paired with piping hot, fresh ingredients creates a gourmet experience that still maintains the beloved finger-food quality of pizza. Don’t expect picture-perfect presentation with this irregularly shaped, haphazardly cut pie, but let the flavor, texture, and quality speak for themselves. New Haven pizza is simply irresistible and a must-try for any foodie looking to elevate their pizza game.
    Step into the culinary haven of Basque Country, Spain. From haute cuisine establishments with coveted three Michelin stars to cozy Pintxos bars, the food scene in Sebastián exudes excellence and indulgence. Its culinary artisans prioritize the use of premium quality ingredients, leading to an exceptional gastronomic experience that will leave you breathless.
    Portugal. I ate like a damn queen here. The wine was cheaper than water, and the Portuguese made some of best meats I have ever tasted. I really miss that cuisine.”
    Indulge in the culinary delight that is Oaxaca, Mexico. Every meal in this vibrant destination is a fashion-forward feast that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. Savor the flavors of tlayudas, quesillo, moles, tetelas, and the most delectable tacos you’ll ever encounter. Even the unusual, corn smut, is a chic addition to your foodie bucket list.

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