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    Having these 15 horrible teachers would traumatize anyone, including myself.

    Lately, we’ve delved into the depths of teacher-student relationships and uncovered some shocking encounters with irate parents. However, it seems that students themselves have also dealt with their fair share of distressing situations while at school. Let’s hear their stories.
    In a daring move, we decided to turn the tables and inquire of the BuzzFeed Community who the most appalling educator they’ve encountered was. Tragically, the responses were quite grisly, and here are a few excerpts for your perusal:
    Once, a music tutor unleashed a full-on tirade at me, making me shed tears. She even threatened to slap me if I were her kin, all because she deemed my performance lacked emotion and declared I couldn’t excel in the industry. Truth be told, I had no interest in pursuing music as a profession, but apparently, my lack of verbalizing it was enough to trigger her wrath. As if that wasn’t enough, she proceeded to hug me and dropped the L-bomb. Talk about mixed signals!
    My former math teacher, also the sex ed instructor and coach, displayed a disturbingly narrow-minded stance towards girls in his math class. His determination to dissuade us from pursuing STEM was obvious, with his refusal to entertain questions from female students and dismissive comments like, “It’s not crucial that you grasp this concept – it’s not like you’ll need it in the future” (which he directed solely to the girls). His sex ed class, instead of being enlightening, had us watching awkward videos on STDs and schizophrenia while being left alone in the room to do tedious busywork.
    Back in the mid-’90s, my fourth-grade fashion was on point, but unfortunately, my teacher, Mr. S., was far from chic and fashion-forward. He was nothing short of a nightmare, actually. Not only did he encourage students to bully me, but he would make me cry on purpose. He had zero regard for my learning disability, dyslexia, and would shame me by calling me “lazy” and “stupid”. Little did he know, I was actually reading at a 10th-grade level. And if that weren’t enough, he had the audacity to tell me that as a girl, I couldn’t possibly grasp math because my brain was only meant for doing house chores and excelling in social skills. Can you believe the nerve?
    Back in high school, I had an algebra instructor who was far more interested in entertaining his class with anecdotes than teaching us quadratic equations. For a whopping 40 minutes, he would prattle on about his memories instead of imparting mathematical knowledge. Only in the final 10 minutes of the session did he discuss a concept and assign homework. Desperate for a better education, I attempted to switch to another class taught by a splendid mathematics educator. Unfortunately, my efforts were in vain as I learned that the subpar teacher orchestrated his curriculum in reverse order – deliberately making it difficult for pupils to transfer out of his class. How frustrating! 🤦🏻‍♀️
    One teacher can make a world of difference, and for this writer, it was their second-grade teacher who fell short. As a child with ADHD, organizing was a struggle and unfortunately, their teacher didn’t understand. But the impact of that experience has lingered into adulthood as they work to catch up on elementary school math. On the flip side, their high school English teacher was the shining star. Despite tardiness and absences, this teacher offered unwavering support and encouraged them to excel. A testament to the lasting impact of a great teacher.

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