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    Helen Mirren debuts purple hair, citing inspiration from “America’s Next Top Model.”

    The Queen of style and elegance, Helen Mirren, has recently unveiled a stunning new hair color that oozes chic and sophistication. This fashion-forward transformation is undeniably her best yet, and we can’t help but be in awe of her beauty and grace.
    The Cannes Film Festival was abuzz with trendy fashion statements, but none caught attention quite like the iconic actor’s chic debut of electric blue locks. The fashion-forward move was unexpected yet daring, proving that breaking style conventions is the true mark of a trendsetter.
    The colorful updo featured curled blue, purple, and silver strands that all sat perfectly atop her head.
    Helen was an absolute vision with her chic and fashion-forward sense of style. Her flawless hair was the envy of everyone, and her periwinkle gown was the epitome of elegance and sophistication.
    Honestly, it’s giving fairy godmother in the best way possible.
    And how about a little commotion for the back of her hair?
    Helen is no stranger to making a statement with her hair at film festivals – case in point, her pink locks at the 2019 event. And once again, she’s bringing a fashion-forward edge to the scene with another new ‘do.
    As for her inspiration, Helen says she wanted to change things up after watching an America’s Next Top Model contestant who often dyed her hair during the show.
    “She rocked an edgy fuchsia mane and totally owned it. Typically, she sported a more traditional white-blonde hue, which happens to be similar to mine,” she revealed to People magazine last year. “She made a bold statement by going pink one week, reverting back the next, then surprising us yet again the following week with her rosy locks.”
    She continued, “So I realized it was something you could come and go with really easily. So I thought, ‘Well, I’ll do pink for the night.'”

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