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    I loved Kristen Doute’s scene in the “Vanderpump Rules” finale as it felt like a full circle moment.

    At long last, we have emerged from the wild and captivating world of #Scandoval, the viral sensation that captured our screens, feeds, and hearts for nearly three months. As the curtain closes on the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 finale, I am left in awe and reflection. The journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, and the ride has taken us to places we never thought possible. But now, as we bid farewell to this unforgettable chapter, we can’t help but feel a sense of bittersweet satisfaction. What a ride it has been!
    The journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, with each episode delivering a punch of excitement and jaw-dropping moments. The finale was an intense 54-minute roller coaster ride, and I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout. My emotions were a whirlwind – from fits of laughter to tears that just wouldn’t stop. Yet, amidst all of this, one question kept nagging at me: why does Tom Sandoval continue to don that ghastly white nail polish?
    In a standout moment that left fans reeling with excitement, an unexpected guest arrived on the scene – a figure we haven’t seen grace the show in quite a while. This individual undoubtedly holds a wealth of knowledge about Sandoval’s questionable and unfaithful behavior – knowledge that’s likely unparalleled. And, in true fearless fashion, this guest came decked out in open-toed slides, confidently strutting their stuff for the cameras. It was a true instance of glitz, glamour, and unanticipated drama, all rolled into one.
    Ah yes, let’s take a moment to address the infamous Kristen Doute.
    Ever wondered what happened to Kristen on Vanderpump Rules? Well, the tea is piping hot. The reality TV darling hasn’t graced our screens since Season 8, and that’s because she got the boot. Yes, you heard that right. She was fired in 2020 after it was revealed that she had falsely reported a fellow cast member, Faith Stowers, to the police two years prior. It’s safe to say that Kristen’s days in the limelight have been cut short.
    BUT that doesn’t change the fact that Kristen coming back on the show to support Ariana in her time of need isn’t a RBFD (Really Big Fucking Deal™), and I’m sorry but it absolutely MUST be talked about!!! So let’s get into it, shall we?
    The tangled relationships between Ariana Madix, Kristen Doute, and Tom Sandoval are nothing short of complex. And if you’re still reading, chances are you’re well aware of the drama that’s unfolded between them. Their past is riddled with emotional highs and lows, and it’s a dynamic that’s hard to ignore.
    Do you remember Kristen and Tom’s tumultuous romance? It was a rollercoaster ride that lasted for nearly six years, starting with their entry as original cast members in Season 1 of the show. But their love was far from pure, with betrayals and infidelities on both sides. Tom’s most notorious act of unfaithfulness was when he cheated on Kristen with none other than Ariana, the very woman he would later go on to date. This happened at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, and it was a moment that would define their complicated dynamic for years to come.
    As the rumor mill churned, tongues wagged and whispers grew louder and more salacious. Was it true? Had Tom and Ariana engaged in illicit activities? The air was thick with anticipation as every juicy detail was dissected and devoured by the ravenous masses. And yet, both parties vehemently denied any wrongdoing. Ariana, in particular, went to great lengths to defend Tom, staunchly standing by his side and fighting off the naysayers. But was she telling the truth, or was there more to the story than meets the eye? Only time will tell…
    Kristen, oh Kristen. She truly understands the trials and tribulations of love in the treacherous land of WeHo. And let’s not forget her unlikely friendship with none other than Ariana, who was by her side during the heart-wrenching moment when news broke of Tom’s infidelity with Raquel. Who better to comfort and bond with than someone who shares the collective trauma inflicted by this so-called “bar owner” with a heinous mustache? No one, my dear readers. Not a soul in all of WeHo or Valley Village could compare. And it’s evident in the way they lovingly refer to Sandoval as “OUR ex-boyfriend”.
    Let’s get one thing straight – we are not here for any of those “How you get him is how you lose him!!!” comments. It’s time to retire that tired old adage and focus on what’s really going on. Because, let’s face it, the whole “Kristen-vs-Ariana” debacle is more than just a one-off spat. It’s a recurring pattern of behavior that we can’t ignore.

    Sure, Kristen might have some questionable moments, but we can’t solely blame her for this ongoing feud. And Ariana’s not some saint who’s immune to all drama either. Let’s give credit where credit’s due – they both play a role in the constant conflicts that arise.

    But don’t just take our word for it – even Ariana herself admits it. After they sit down, she acknowledges that this whole mess isn’t just a fluke. It’s a pattern. And until they both – yes, BOTH – take responsibility for their actions, we can only expect more drama to come.
    In a stunning moment of self-reflection, Ariana admits to having made a grave mistake by defending Tom against Kristen for years, instead of standing up for what was right. This newfound clarity speaks volumes about Ariana’s growth as a person, and is sure to leave fans both awed and inspired.
    Kristen nonchalantly brushed off the drama, simply stating, “Well, at least we’re both free from him.” Cue the collective cheer for women empowering women!
    As they conclude their tête-à-tête on the sofa, the duo ventures into the blossoming backyard to conjure a magical self-love spell. Kristen arrives equipped with a plethora of mystical crystals and a fascinating vibration tool, of course…
    In a powerful Witches of WeHo tradition, Ariana unveils her deepest desire to manifest: self-love in its truest form. Witnessing this raw and vulnerable declaration, I couldn’t help but be moved to tears.
    Ariana and Kristen have managed to leave their fans spellbound with their latest iconic statement. Their closing phrase has left many in awe, with its unparalleled level of captivating power. The two have once again proved their undeniable talent, leaving us all eagerly anticipating what they will conjure up next.
    As their eyes locked, something shifted. In that moment, it was like they understood each other on a level that no one else ever could – the pain, the betrayal, the heartbreak that they both had experienced at the hands of the same man. But instead of feeling defeated, they chose to rise above it together.

    In the embrace that followed, it was as if all the hurt and anger had dissipated into thin air. These two fierce women were ready to support each other, to rebuild their lives, and to move on without that toxic loser in their midst. Who needs a manipulative narcissist when you have a sisterhood as strong as this?

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