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    Mila Kunis denied “Fantastic Four” casting rumor, hinted knowing who was cast.

    Listen up, fashionistas! The word on the street is that Marvel is revamping the Fantastic Four and bringing them to the big screen in 2025 as part of the MCU. Get ready for some serious superhero style!
    Marvel Studios’ head honcho, Kevin Feige, revealed earlier this year that the upcoming film will serve as the cornerstone for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Suffice to say, the stakes are undoubtedly high for this highly-anticipated release.
    Undoubtedly, the hype has been building up for this highly anticipated film, with fans speculating and dreaming about their ideal cast for years. In particular, there has been a fervent desire to see the dashing John Krasinski embody the iconic role of Reed Richards (which is precisely why he has been selected for a variant of the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness).
    As filming for the highly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot is slated to kick off in the coming months under the guidance of the uber-talented Matt Shakman (who brought us the epic WandaVision series), we’re still eagerly awaiting news of the star-studded lineup that will bring this iconic superhero team to life. Stay tuned for updates!
    Well, last week, the internet went wild when a rumor circulated around that Mila Kunis had been cast as The Thing. Needless to say, fans were NOT happy.
    Mila simply slayed during her recent appearance on The Late Late Show, shutting down all rumors about her involvement in the upcoming film as Sue Storm. The fashion-forward starlet proved her savvy style and poise as she gracefully handled James Corden’s inquiry about the highly-coveted role.
    “I’ll have you know, my darling fashion aficionados, that while I may not be gracing the set of the Fantastic Four, I do possess knowledge of who the lucky cast may be. However, I must exercise caution as to not incur the wrath of The Mouse. Alas, my lips are sealed tight on this matter, my dears.”

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