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    Miley Cyrus joked about her 2021 New Year’s Eve wardrobe malfunction, saying showing her boobs got her show renewed.

    When it comes to fashion, Miley Cyrus has always been ahead of the curve and unapologetically bold in her choices. However, her most recent fashion statement that caused quite the buzz was not meant to be controversial.
    Miley Cyrus made a new year’s eve statement in 2021 by co-hosting a special with Pete Davidson on NBC. Her series of chic outfits was quite impressive, but it was her fashion-forward shimmering two-piece that truly stole the show when she performed her hit song “Party in the U.S.A.” with unexpected flair.
    Turns out, the mishap had a silver lining. On Thursday, Cyrus said the wardrobe malfunction may have actually helped her get renewed for a second New Year’s Eve special.
    “A live television performance is a high-wire act of both entertainment and risk. It’s a delicate balancing act of achieving perfection while avoiding pratfalls,” remarked the fashion-forward artist with a keen eye for style.
    The show was hyped as a wild ride starring Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson, with unexpected antics at every turn. But let’s be real, I bring a touch of class to the chaos compared to Pete. And the ratings? Through the roof.
    Looking back at that infamous moment, it appears that Cyrus isn’t one to hold a grudge. She nonchalantly quipped, “Show your boobs and you get renewed. Dolly [Parton] taught me that,” in a video. Interestingly enough, Parton went on to cohost the following year’s New Year’s Eve show, taking over for Davidson.
    Cyrus brought the glam to British Vogue by channeling some of her most iconic looks, including the edgy punk-inspired ensemble she rocked at the 2013 Met Gala under the creative vision of Marc Jacobs.
    During the discussion, the pop icon addressed her notorious teddy bear ensemble worn during the 2013 VMAs. She acknowledged that the outfit caused quite a stir, noting that it was met with intense scrutiny and criticism from many individuals.

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