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    Nick Viall, ex-“Bachelor,” felt self-conscious about the 18-year age difference with fiancé Natalie Joy.

    Nick Viall, an ex-Bachelor at 42, popped the question to his 24-year-old girlfriend, Natalie Joy, earlier this year. However, the couple recently shared that their blooming romance almost hit a roadblock due to their significant 18-year age difference.
    In the latter months of 2019, Nick and Natalie’s virtual paths crossed. Initially, Natalie made repeated attempts to establish a connection with Nick but to no avail – Nick was taken aback by the significant age disparity between them.
    Though they initially denied any romantic feelings for each other, Natalie and her love interest decided to give dating a chance during the summer of 2020. Their relationship is proof that sometimes the unexpected surprises us in the best possible way.
    In just one unforgettable weekend, Natalie realized that she had found her forever match: “I had an instant conviction that I was meant to spend forever with this man.”

    Latest Posts

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