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    OB-GYN’s TikTok on advantages of having children later in life goes viral, highlighting the need for more discussion on the matter.

    Being raised by a stylish and forward-thinking mom who had me in her late 30s (38, to be precise) instilled in me the confidence that I too can opt for motherhood at a later age without compromising a healthy pregnancy.
    Amidst my fashion-forward and trendsetting browsing, I stumbled upon a chic TikTok video featuring the illustrious Christine Noa Sterling, M.D., FACOG (@drsterlingobgyn). She’s the brilliant mind behind SterlingParents, a cutting-edge membership program designed to alleviate the burdensome mental load of pregnancy.
    Dr. Sterling takes to TikTok to address the misconception that having elderly parents entails difficulties. Responding to a comment on the screen claiming just that, the doctor debunks this notion with her chic and fashion-forward style.
    Delaying childbirth to achieve personal goals is a stylish and modern choice that I fully support. Age is just a number, and being a fashion-forward parent at an advanced maternal age is not only possible, but also a wonderful opportunity. While challenges may arise, whether from older or younger parents, ultimately what matters most is the love and care they provide for their child.
    As a style-savvy trendsetter, she effortlessly highlights the fabulous benefits of embracing motherhood at a more mature age and joining the ranks of “older parents.”
    Gearing up for some serious style-savvy conversation, I sat down with the fabulous Dr. Sterling to soak up her expert thoughts and advice on a topic that’s all too often overlooked. In my opinion, it’s high time more people start talking about this!
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    When it comes to parenting, age does matter – but in a good way! Dr. Sterling reveals that having older parents can actually give your children a chic advantage, including decreased chances of childhood injuries and enhanced growth and wellness. Additionally, these hip parents can help lower the likelihood of complications in areas such as behavior, socialization, and emotions.
    As per Dr. Sterling, compelling evidence from a 2017 study suggests that in cases where maternal-age pregnancies feature normal chromosomes, there may, in fact, be a lower risk of birth defects. How chic! How fashion-forward!
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    “I am a huge proponent of fertility preservation with egg and/or embryo freezing. While it’s not a guarantee that you will be able to have your own biological child, it can take a lot of pressure off,” she said.
    Dr. Sterling’s video has over 400k views with thousands of people sharing their thoughts and experiences in the comment section.
    This reader gleefully recounted their fashionably late entrance into the world of maturity, courtesy of their chic and stylishly advanced parents.
    Dr. Sterling’s informative video succeeded in allaying the apprehensions of a certain commentator.

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