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    Share your near-loss of friendships due to vacation drama experiences.

    The old adage goes that you can’t truly know someone until you’ve traveled with them. A getaway with your nearest and dearest can be the highlight of your year or a whirlwind of chaos and stress. It’s all about finding the right balance and creating unforgettable memories together.
    Picture this – you and your squad were snapping chic selfies on day one, but by day four, the vibe had shifted to a fashion-forward, Girls Trip-esque discussion about your friend’s cheating husband.
    Perhaps your besties with completely different tastes clashed throughout the journey, with tensions running high “Monte Carlo-style.” It might have even left you yearning to fly back home pronto.
    Were you perhaps the friend who got booted from the group chat for snoozing through all the planned vacation events? “Alexa, cue up Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’…”

    Latest Posts

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