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    Two people seem to be wearing the same dress to the Met Gala.

    Pause for a moment to reflect on the fabulousness of the dress’s origins. This chic and fashion-forward masterpiece hails from Chloé’s 1983 collection, courtesy of none other than design icon Karl Lagerfeld (cue our deep appreciation for the theme of “In honor of Karl”). This particular gem, affectionately known as “the violin dress,” is truly stunning.
    The timeless fashion appeal of a certain garment could not be denied, since even style darling Chloë Sevigny deemed it worthy of a second wear in 2013, generating quite a stir among fashion enthusiasts.
    Let’s take a closer look at Olivia’s stunning Met Gala ensemble! Created by the fabulous Gabriela Hearst, current designer at Chloé, this dress exudes timeless elegance with a chic, fashion-forward twist. As Hearst remarked to Vogue, “We wanted to capture a sense of timeless glamour for the 2023 Met Gala. […] By transforming a cocktail dress into a stunning gala gown, I believe we truly succeeded.” And as if that weren’t enough to turn heads, rumor has it that this dress was made from deadstock fabric, adding an eco-conscious element to Olivia’s already fabulous look.
    Let’s talk about Margaret’s ensemble. This fashion maven was seen rocking a chic and sophisticated dress. While the designer remains a mystery, one thing is for sure – Margaret didn’t need the Chloé squad to slay her look.
    …Suggesting that her look was designed independently.

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