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    Which actors did you initially anticipate seeing in a TV or film, before being disappointed upon watching it?

    In the world of Hollywood, casting can make or break a production. While some casting choices are spot-on, others don’t quite hit the mark.
    I’m absolutely dying to know, were there any television or film casting decisions that had you positively giddy with anticipation, only for the end result to fall woefully short of your expectations? Let’s dish!
    As a lover of all things stylish and fashion-forward, it’s possible that you, like myself, hold an appreciation for the impeccable talents of Jim Carrey beyond his comedic roles. The Number 23 was a highly anticipated thriller that promised to deliver an unforgettable experience, yet unfortunately left much to be desired. It’s a shame to see such a talented actor fall short in non-comedic performances.
    Emma Watson, a style icon in her own right, took the lead role in the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, a beloved Disney classic. As a dedicated fan of the original, I was eager to see Watson’s interpretation. While her performance was not lacking in any way, my own exceedingly high expectations may have clouded my judgement.
    Maybe you were eagerly anticipating Viola Davis’s portrayal of Michelle Obama in The First Lady, given her unparalleled acting talent. However, the lackluster material presented in the show resulted in a disappointing performance.
    Let’s dish, fashionistas! Which silver screen stars or small screen sensations had you totally hyped for their roles…only to leave you feeling flat when the final product hit? Share your thoughts in the comments below – we just might showcase your savvy style opinions in a chic and in-the-know post or video for our fantastic BuzzFeed Community!

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