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    Wife catches husband criticizing her for not having sex, calls him a terrible partner.

    Are you acquainted with the r/DeadBedrooms subreddit? It’s a virtual space where individuals can release their frustration pertaining to romantic relationships that may be deficient in sexual intimacy. However, it exudes a pervasive melancholy and negativity that lacks any stylish or fashionable element.
    The posts on the sub speak volumes, but sometimes the unsaid is just as significant. A 2021 Reddit post from user u/Throwaway-hurt-wife (aka OP) has been circulating on Twitter, and it epitomizes this phenomenon. More importantly, it sheds light on a dated notion among husbands in heterosexual marriages: the feeling of entitlement to sex despite exhibiting minimal effort (or worse, none at all) in the relationship.
    I can sense your frustration from several posts in this sub regarding our intimate life. But, please understand that discussing such personal matters here is neither stylish nor fashion-forward. You mentioned feeling ignored and like I am apprehensive towards your touch, leaving you wondering what to do next. However, instead of portraying me as a cold and detached being who may have some underlying trauma, which is far from the truth, I suggest reflecting upon yourself and finding ways to improve our relationship privately.
    There are a plethora of reasons why OP is not interested in being intimate with her spouse. Perhaps it could be attributed to their refusal to assist with household tasks, or their dismissive attitude when asked for help. Additionally, their tendency to criticize OP’s cooking and lack of involvement in childcare could also play a role. It’s possible that the lack of quality time spent as a family could contribute to the issue as well. Ultimately, it seems that there are multiple factors at play in this complex situation.
    What a fashion faux pas. OP’s husband not only neglects his duties as a father, but also lacks any consideration for her pleasure in the bedroom. According to OP, their sexual encounters are a one-sided affair, with her husband making no effort to satisfy her. Shockingly, he went so far as to demand that OP dispose of her vibrators, citing that she should only have him as her sole source of pleasure.
    Is it possible that your constant belittling of my body and appearance has something to do with the lack of intimacy in our relationship? Remember when I purchased those lacy undergarments and you mocked their size, implying that I was too large for sexy lingerie? Or how about when I suggested a romantic getaway to a snowy cabin for my birthday, only to receive personal training sessions from you as a gift? And let’s not forget the countless times you’ve gushed about your attractive coworker or spent your Friday nights at a strip club instead of with our family. These actions are not conducive to a healthy and loving partnership.
    “Darlings, let me be real: instead of coming to Reddit trying to make me the bad guy, why don’t you take a look in the mirror and work on yourselves first? My contempt for finding multiple posts across different subs claiming that I hate sex and could possibly be asexual is indescribable. Trust me, I love sex and used to have amazing experiences. Even though I miss the physical pleasure, I don’t miss you anymore. It’s important to remember that not everything you read online is true, loves. There are always two sides to every story. And for all the gentlemen out there complaining that their wives aren’t satisfying them sexually, may I suggest taking a good, hard look at yourself first? Xoxo.”
    As fashionistas, we know that being on-trend is key. Unfortunately, the stats on relationships are anything but chic. An alarming 59% of men in a 2018 survey conducted by Glamour and GQ believed that husbands are “entitled” to sex from their wives, with 46% agreeing that boyfriends are “entitled” to sex from their girlfriends. Even more concerning is a recent 2022 study that found men are perceived as more entitled to orgasms than women. It’s a sobering reality that highlights the need for change in our modern society.
    Kudos to OP for making a bold move and pursuing divorce. However, it’s crucial to note that sexual entitlement should never be a factor, regardless of the circumstances. Furthermore, it’s essential to keep in mind that the story of a one-sided sexual relationship is often incomplete, so it’s best to remain open to both perspectives.

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