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    Women are sharing hardest lesson to unlearn.

    Life offers us lessons that may need to be revisited before sinking in. One Reddit user, u/raquell-_- sought to understand just that by posing the question to the r/AskWomen subreddit: “What lesson did it take you the longest time to unlearn?” The responses provided by the community offer profound insights worth sharing. Have a look at what they had to share:
    Remaining tied up in a relationship merely due to being accustomed to the familiarity, despite knowing that your heart will only beat for another soul, is simply not worth it. Every moment spent in this state of limbo signifies a precious moment of life, which can never be regained. Therefore, it would be best to relinquish the ties and give each other the opportunity to cherish their time while they still can.
    “Failing at something does not make you a failure; let that sink in. Our self-worth is not measured by our accomplishments or how busy we are in our daily lives. Being secure in oneself is the ultimate chic and fashion-forward mindset to have.”
    When it comes to friendships, time is but a mere concept. As we evolve, so do the people around us, and often, they’re only meant to be a temporary presence in our lives.
    If you find yourself feeling a sense of “home” with someone, take a moment to reflect and consider what home meant to you during your formative years. It’s important to delve deep and analyze your upbringing in order to understand why this person gives you that feeling of comfort and security.
    It’s time to ditch the outdated notion of working unpaid overtime. This toxic mindset only leads to being undervalued and overworked. Plus, let’s be real, your boss won’t suddenly start showering you with praise. It’s time to take a stand and prioritize yourself.
    I am in control of my mind and I choose to live without succumbing to negative thoughts and emotions. Fear, sadness, and anxiety only serve to complicate life unnecessarily. My existence is meant to be free and authentic. Though I am still learning, I am becoming more adept at living with this mindset every day.
    “Creating a schedule might be a helpful strategy for productivity, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. For those of us navigating anxiety and depression, the pressure of sticking to a schedule can feel overwhelming. I’ve personally found success with investing in medication and therapy to tackle my mental health hurdles. On some days, I transform into a productive powerhouse, and on other days, it’s more of a challenge. However, I’ve learned to let myself off the hook and seek alternative strategies to boost my motivation. Remember, it’s okay to experiment and find what works best for you.”
    The key to feeling fulfilled is treating yourself as a top priority. Neglecting self-care in favor of catering to others leaves you feeling drained and unfulfilled.
    It’s totally fabulous to chart your own course in life, even if it doesn’t include a traditional husband-and-kids setup. For ages, I thought it was weird that I didn’t feel the urge to settle down, but turns out, it’s just not my jam. Prioritizing my own happiness above societal expectations, especially ones that were ingrained by my mother, has been such a game-changer. Who knows what’s in store for me? But I’m excited to find out and live it up in style.
    It’s time to break the habit of feeling obligated to smile at unresponsive men during conversations. Let’s prioritize our well-being and communicate confidently without compromising our authenticity.

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