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    Adele conducted an ad hoc poll at her Vegas show, drawing inspiration from the Titan Submersible tragedy. (15 words)

    If you’ve been keeping up with the latest happenings, the OceanGate Titan submersible tragedy has certainly caught your attention. This devastating incident occurred during a glamorous tourist dive to explore the iconic wreck of the Titanic, resulting in the presumed loss of five lives due to a catastrophic implosion.
    The news story has sparked a flurry of online discussions, triggering significant buzz and captivating fashion enthusiasts. Notably, even the renowned Adele has chimed in, adding her unique perspective to the incident.
    In a style that exudes sophistication and an eye for fashion-forward trends, Adele revealed her thoughts on a rather disheartening incident. Prior to sharing her opinion, she gracefully acknowledged the sorrow and tragedy associated with it. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the talented artist admitted to engaging in lively discussions with her friends in their chic and stylish group chats. Despite their initial claims of never participating in such behavior, Adele astutely pointed out that many individuals might not be as honest, for it is undeniable that a considerable number of people would indeed partake in similar actions.
    I’m curious to take a chic and fashion-forward poll right now. Imagine, without dwelling on the sad and tragic events, how many of you would be up for a fabulous underwater expedition to explore the depths of the ocean and catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring Titanic? I’m sure a great number of you would be game for such an adventure.” She nodded contently as she gauged the enthusiastic response.
    Inquiring about the number of people interested in space travel, she effortlessly emanated style, chic, and a fashion-forward mindset. Summing up the response as “a few more of you,” she confidently asserted her own preferences by stating, “I wouldn’t choose either option.”
    “I must admit, I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat — a total chicken when it comes to anything fear-inducing,” she playfully revealed, eliciting laughter from the crowd. “Even rollercoasters, I won’t go near them.”
    However, deep sea exploration and outer space just don’t capture my interest in the chic and fashion-forward way I prefer.

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