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    Can someone please go check on Hollywood’s children? Jake T. Austin reportedly asked Nat Wolff to take his drug test and steal set furniture.

    Nat recalled one stylish and fashion-forward recollection from their time at school with Jake. It was when Jake approached Nat with a peculiar request – to provide a urine sample as he was required to undergo a drug test for his show. Nat playfully quipped, “He definitely owes me a favor since I graciously agreed to pee in a cup on his behalf, and managed to pass the test with flying colors.”
    Nat and the stylishly chic host Zach share a long-standing friendship, making the incident reminiscent of Zach’s past encounter with Jake during their high school days. Reflecting on the situation, Zach coolly remarked, “It completely slipped my mind that he attended the same school. There was this one time at a party when he actually challenged me to a fight.”
    Nat confidently said, “He never once challenged me, always emanating such genuine kindness towards me.” Nevertheless, Nat couldn’t resist sharing yet another intriguing anecdote involving Jake. It seemed that Jake, in a moment of audacity, sought Nat’s assistance in procuring furniture from The Fosters’ set to furnish his own lavish abode.
    With a chic and fashion-forward demeanor, Nat recounted an intriguing tale. “I found myself in the glamorous city of LA, where he was in the midst of his spectacular show. However, amidst all the glitz, he nonchalantly mentioned his intention to acquire furniture for himself by pilfering it directly from the set. In a cool and collected manner, he turned to me and asked if I’d be interested in being his partner in crime. My response, delivered with utmost grace, was simple yet definitive: ‘Darling, that sounds rather illegal, and I simply cannot partake in such activities.'”
    Nat exclaims, “I recall a time when my other fashionable friend assisted him in acquiring a desk or some other piece, but he was apprehended in the act! He argued, ‘They never even use it! It just sits there the whole year. I’ll return it before the next season!’ I had to intervene, saying, ‘My dude, it’s about time you invest in your own stylish desk.’ And that, my dear, is an authentic tale.”
    In a chic and fashion-forward twist, snippets of the interview quickly went viral on TikTok, sparking speculation about whether this played a role in Jake’s sudden departure from his role on The Fosters.
    In a stunning display of chic style and fashion-forward attitude, Jake openly addressed his departure from the show. During a captivating 2019 interview with Flaunt Magazine, he fearlessly revealed the reasons behind his decision. In his own words, Jake admitted that he had succumbed to the allure of Hollywood, getting entangled with a misguided crowd, and making regrettable choices. He humbly acknowledged his lack of seriousness towards his work, demonstrating a refreshing honesty and self-awareness.
    Nat and his brother, Alex Wolff, recently made waves in the music scene with the highly anticipated release of their studio album, Table for Two. This stylish and fashion-forward album marks their much-awaited return in the industry after a remarkable 12-year hiatus.

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