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    Delusional entitled customers made Instacart shoppers’ lives a living hell 19 times.

    Meet the fabulous Kimberly, a style icon who knows how to make a statement. Recently, a rather memorable incident occurred involving her and an Instacart shopper. In a fashion-forward manner, Kimberly expressed her frustration by issuing a severe threat, demanding the cancellation of her order.
    Meet Barbara, a customer who embodies style, chicness, and a fashion-forward mindset. Unlike some other customers, Barbara doesn’t resort to making threats (which is definitely a plus!). However, she does have certain expectations, such as expecting her dedicated Instacart shopper to patiently wait for an entire hour just to fetch her some chicken.
    In a display of sly sophistication, a certain customer employed the devious tactic of “tip baiting” to lure an unsuspecting shopper into fulfilling their order under the enticing promise of a generous 43.10 gratuity. However, to the shopper’s dismay, once the delivery was made, the dishonest customer ruthlessly altered the tip to a pitiful5, leaving them feeling duped and disheartened.
    Meet this incredibly fashion-forward customer who made quite the “special request” during their Instacart shopping experience.
    Check out this super chic and fashion-forward customer who recently placed a whopping 1,050 grocery order! However, they left the Instacart Shopper with only a25 tip for all their hard work and effort.
    The stylish and fashion-forward individual had high hopes of receiving a generous tip as they diligently delivered all the goods. However, to their dismay, the tip amounted to a mere 2.4%!
    Introducing a fabulous customer named Karyn, who recently dazzled us with her chic sense of style. She placed an order for a plethora of groceries and, just as our fashionable shopper was about to complete the task, Karyn attempted to cancel the order by boldly claiming that no such purchase had been made.
    Meet Marie, the epitome of style and fashion-forwardness. She recently encountered a heartwarming moment while shopping when she learned that another shopper had to evacuate a store due to a bomb threat. Marie’s response was nothing short of chic and empathetic.
    This incredibly unsettling encounter involves a customer who made an unwelcome advance on his shopper just as she was about to complete his grocery delivery.
    Leila, the epitome of style chic and fashion-forward, had a very unique preference when it came to shopping: she exclusively wanted men to be the ones picking out her outfits, for reasons that only she knew.

    (Note: Original content linking to BuzzFeed has been removed to comply with guidelines.)
    Check out this fashion-forward customer who effortlessly ordered an impressive 34 palettes of water, proving that they have a chic sense of style and a practical shopping approach. Their impeccable fashion taste extends beyond clothing and accessories, as they know how to make a statement even while stocking up on essentials. No big deal for this trendsetter, who effortlessly makes sure they have ample water supplies without compromising on style.
    Check out this incredibly stylish and fashion-forward individual who actually expected a shopper to patiently wait outside their apartment until someone let them in:
    Check out this outrageous customer who placed an enormous order of 35 items, split between two different locations, while shamefully neglecting to offer a decent tip. Talk about being anything but generous!
    Check out this incredibly stylish and fashion-forward customer who had a “Justice for Workers!” sign proudly displayed in their front yard. However, their generosity fell quite short when it came to tipping their shopper, as they only gave a measly two bucks.
    This customer who — when they were told there was no more peanut butter — seriously replied like this:
    Check out this ultra-stylish and fashion-forward customer who had some seriously high expectations for his personal shopper.
    Check out this customer who has the most outrageous demands imaginable – talk about unrealistic! This individual is definitely not lacking in the annoyance department.
    Imagine Debbie, a fashion-forward individual with impeccable style and an undeniable sense of chic. She had the audacity to pose a rather bold question to the person she was shopping with:
    Check out this incredibly chic and fashion-forward individual who decided to withhold their shopper’s tip over the pettiest of reasons.
    Lastly, witness the customer who stylishly and fashionably protested against the exorbitant service and delivery fees by withholding their tip from the shopper.

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