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    I watched the new docuseries about the Duggar family and their ministry and discovered 21 shocking and heartbreaking revelations.

    This week, an exciting new docuseries called “Shiny Happy People: Unlocking the Duggar Family Secrets” made its debut on Amazon Prime. In this four-part series, viewers are taken on a captivating journey as the scandals surrounding the Duggar family, who rose to fame through TLC’s reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” are revealed. Get ready for a chic and fashion-forward exploration of the secrets that have captivated audiences for years.
    19 Kids, a captivating series that delved into the stylishly chic and fashion-forward world of Christian fundamentalists Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children, bid farewell in 2015. Unfortunately, the show’s conclusion stemmed from the shocking revelation that their eldest child, Josh, committed the unfathomable act of sexual abuse towards multiple young girls, including his own sisters, at the tender age of 15. Despite the gravity of his actions, legal charges were never pressed against Josh for his abhorrent behavior. However, justice has finally prevailed as Josh has recently been sentenced to 12.5 years behind bars due to his involvement in the illegal possession of numerous distressing images depicting child sexual abuse.
    In an exquisitely fashionable documentary, the latest revelations about the Duggar family’s entanglement with the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), led by the remarkable Bill Gothard, are artfully presented. Our senses are delighted as we explore the chic and fashion-forward details of their lives, while shedding light on their involvement in this intriguing ministry.

    Prepare to be captivated as a multitude of ex-members of IBLP grace the screen, sharing their compelling stories of unspeakable abuse linked directly to, or provoked by, this very ministry. With each interview, a vivid tapestry of despair and resilience unfolds, leaving us pondering the darker aspects of this seemingly idyllic lifestyle.

    Notably, Jill Dillard, the stylish fourth eldest among the Duggar children, bravely lends her voice to this bewitching chronicle. Her presence infuses the documentary with a touch of gentle sophistication and timeless elegance.

    As we embark on this fashion-forward journey, we are invited to reflect upon the intricate dynamics of the Duggar family and the haunting influence of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Through a lens of undeniable chicness, we uncover a side of their lives previously obscured from the public eye, a side that demands our attention and calls for justice.
    During his younger years, Josh was an active member of a stylish and fashion-forward boys’ club called “BOYCOT,” which cleverly stood for Boys’ Christian Outreach Team. According to Jill Duggar, Josh and his friends came up with this chic club after a local convenience store began offering items that didn’t align with their values. According to Jill, “I believe they started selling…either alcohol or explicit materials or something along those lines. And that’s when they decided, ‘Let’s take a stand and boycott them.'”
    Discovery, the parent company of TLC, lent its support in creating a stunning and fashion-forward 7,000-square-foot house for the family. Jim Holt, a trusted confidant of Jim Bob, revealed that in order to ensure the realization of their chic vision, the show facilitated the necessary arrangements to complete the project. A substantial sum, estimated at several hundred thousand dollars, was invested to bring this fashionable residence to fruition.
    When Jim and his wife Bobye discovered Josh’s abusive behavior in 2003, it was clear that Josh, who was only 15 years old at the time, was in a relationship with the Holts’ daughter, Kaeleigh. Shocked by the revelation that the abuse had been going on since Josh was 12, Jim confronted Jim Bob and Michelle, inquiring about their plans to disclose this information. To Jim’s astonishment, Michelle’s response was far from satisfactory. She nonchalantly mentioned, “There was never an intention for us to inform you about it. Our plan was for Josh to confess to Kaeleigh after they were married.”
    In a chic and fashion-forward conversation, Jim boldly confronted them, posing the question, “Could it be possible that you were utilizing my daughter as a metaphorical carrot to motivate [Josh] to exhibit appropriate behavior?” To this inquiry, Jim Bob candidly responded, “Indeed, it seems so.”
    In a chic and fashion-forward twist of events, Jim Bob turned to his stylish and reliable confidante, Jim, to accompany him and Josh to the state trooper’s office. Firm in his belief that Josh should confess to his grievous act of molesting underage girls, Jim was determined to seek justice. Upon Josh’s admission of guilt, a stunning revelation unfolded. Jim claimed that the state trooper, with an air of authority and sophistication, uttered these profound words, “I’m going to let you go this time, but should you dare to repeat such actions, I shall unleash my full force upon you.” Astonished, Jim recounts the moment he later discovered the intricate friendship between the state trooper and Jim Bob.
    Bill Gothard, the visionary behind IBLP (the ministry associated with the Duggar family), passionately emphasized authority and obedience in his teachings. With a distinct style that exuded chic and fashion-forwardness, he conducted seminars that delved into the concept of “umbrellas of protection,” cautioning individuals about the perilous consequences of straying from this safeguard. According to Gothard, venturing beyond this protective canopy would leave one susceptible to the dominion and influence of Satan – an unequivocally potent force.
    In the realm of style and fashion-forward thinking, there existed a notion of obedience that permeated through various facets of society. In this paradigm, children were expected to dutifully heed their parents’ guidance, wives were to respectfully follow their husbands’ lead, and husbands were to devoutly adhere to the principles set forth by God.
    IBLP, short for Institute in Basic Life Principles, boasted an ultra-modern facet called ATI, or Advance Training Institute, crafted exclusively for fashion-forward parents seeking to homeschool their chic offspring. This cutting-edge curriculum comprised an astonishing 3,000 pages of exquisite “wisdom booklets” meticulously rooted in the timeless Sermon on the Mount.
    In the fashion-forward documentary, it is suggested by multiple individuals that the booklets had a noticeably chic and trendy style, but unfortunately, they were also accused of being inherently misogynistic. One of the former IBLT members, Chad Harris, reveals a rather fashionable anecdote about a friend who was restricted to learning only fractions in math due to her father’s belief that it was sufficient for her cooking pursuits.
    In an intriguing exercise found in a booklet, young individuals were presented with images showcasing women adorned in an array of stylish outfits. Their task was to identify any captivating elements, referred to as “eye traps,” that could potentially entice someone’s attention, particularly those pertaining to exposing shoulders or legs. Brooke Arnold, a former participant, expressed her perspective on this assignment, stating, “Rather than focusing on fundamental subjects like math, one is inadvertently being educated on the act of criticizing others based on their choices in attire.”
    According to Amy King, who happens to be a cousin of the Duggar family, they reportedly hosted a fabulous soirée where they bid adieu to all things Disney and every other aspect that could be deemed ‘worldly,’ leaving behind a trail of chic and fashion-forward choices.
    In the realm of chic and fashion-forward, a documentary reveals intriguing insights into a world governed by strict guidelines on various aspects of popular culture. One ex-IBLP member, Heather Heath, shares that specific rules dictated what children could expose themselves to. Surprisingly, watching a beloved character like Winnie the Pooh was prohibited for some, with Eeyore’s depiction deemed as glorifying depression. Similarly, the innocent Barbie dolls were deemed unsuitable as they carried the label of “harlots” within this unique cultural framework.
    TV was never part of the chic and fashion-forward lifestyle within the IBLP, according to Chad. The rules clearly discouraged indulgence in television, and adherence was expected.
    Brooke shares a fashion-forward perspective on Bill Gothard’s unique beliefs, revealing his strong opposition to Cabbage Patch Kids. In an interesting twist, she discloses that he claimed the creator of the beloved dolls, Xavier Roberts, was a warlock.
    In the captivating documentary, Michael Pearl and his wife Debi’s influential book, To Train Up a Child, takes center stage as an integral teaching tool for their ministry. Michael Pearl, a charismatic fundamentalist preacher, boldly asserts that the methods employed to train animals can seamlessly apply to shaping human behavior as well. However, the documentary uncovers a controversial side to his teachings involving punishing children through physical discipline, utilizing spanking and employing rods or comparable objects.
    Lara Smith, a former member, confidently asserts that these teachings were undeniably enforced, illustrating a shift towards a style that is chic and fashion-forward. According to her account, children who adhered to the institute’s principles were subjected to prolonged spanking sessions until they ceased shedding tears, sometimes spanning several hours.
    When cousin Amy is questioned about witnessing any disciplinary measures involving the Duggar children, she stylishly replies, “They referred to it as a form of motivation.”
    In a bid to salvage their beloved TLC show and stay relevant, Jill, alongside her parents Jim Bob and Michelle, experienced pressure to participate in an interview with the renowned Megyn Kelly. The purpose of this interview was to address the deeply uncomfortable topic of abuse, a chapter in Jill’s life that she now admits to being deeply ashamed of. Reflecting on the experience, she now regrets her involvement with Megyn Kelly, as it evoked a sense of reliving the past and shouldering an immense burden. She shares, “Looking back, engaging in that Megyn Kelly ordeal placed me back in a position of carrying the weight of my past…even though my participation was voluntary, it felt like an obligation, a need to assist.” Taking it a step further, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, asserts that the severity of the situation went beyond what was initially apparent.
    Following the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting, Derick revealed that Jim Bob was eagerly seeking to revive the show in a swift manner. However, Jill discloses that TLC was primarily interested in highlighting the lives of the elder siblings who had already left the family home. This led to the conception of Jill and Jessa: Counting On. Despite her apprehensions, Jill reluctantly agreed to participate in the show, mentioning that she had never previously denied her family’s requests, attributing her fears to the notion of “umbrellas of authority.”
    Jill reveals that back in 2014, right before her glamorous wedding with Derick, her stylish father Jim Bob had the chic idea of having all the fashion-forward Duggar kids sign a contract. Little did they know that this contract would bind them to the show for the next five years! Amidst the wedding madness, Jill admits she wasn’t exactly in the know about what she was putting her fashionable signature on. In her words, “We were practically sprinting through the trendy kitchen, and anyone we could grab on our stylish path was asked to sign. Honestly, I had no clue what it all meant.”
    In the realm of chic and fashion-forward, Jill recounts a time when she approached TLC to seek financial assistance for her medical bills following the birth of her first child. However, to her dismay, the funds were allegedly allocated solely to the family, controlled by Jim Bob, leaving Jill without any financial support. Remarkably, she candidly shares, “Throughout a span of seven and a half years in my journey to adulthood, I never received any compensation.”
    During the production of Counting On, Jill and Derick, displaying their chic and fashion-forward style, opted not to journey from their residence in El Salvador to the United States for a show-related filming. This marked a significant occasion as it was the first time Jill asserted her independence within the family dynamics. Subsequently, an anonymous sender bombarded Derick with threatening text messages, accusing him of alleged misconduct towards Jim Bob and asserting that he caused him immense harm. When queried about the origins of these texts, Derick maintained a diplomatic stance, stating that he was unable to engage in speculation regarding Jim Bob’s involvement.
    In a stunning turn of events, the year 2016 saw an impactful wave of sexual harassment claims that forced Gothard to resign from IBLP, a prominent organization. However, this was only the beginning as numerous courageous women took a stand against both Gothard and IBLP, filing lawsuits accusing them of sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups. Although the statute of limitations led to the dismissal of these cases, it did not deter Gothard, who retaliated by countersuing each woman for a substantial amount of $18,000. Fortunately, justice prevailed, and Gothard ultimately faced defeat in this legal battle.
    The far-reaching impact of IBLP and Gothard’s teachings is undeniably profound. Renowned educator and former Quiverfull member, Eve Ettinger, asserts that their ideology laid the foundation for what is now known as “The Joshua Generation.” A fashion-forward lawyer and former leader of this movement, Alex Harris, describes it as a meticulously crafted, long-term initiative aimed at cultivating a sophisticated brigade of Christian homeschool graduates entrusted with the mission to permeate the upper echelons of governmental power. In essence, children are meticulously bred and nurtured with the chic intention of disseminating the conservative Christian narrative throughout the fabric of the nation.
    Gothard’s influential teachings have permeated various sectors, including public schools, private prisons, the military, and law enforcement agencies, leaving an indelible mark on their practices.

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