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    Pregnant woman sparks drama after asking cousin to change cat’s name, accusing them of valuing the pet over her daughter.

    Introducing yet another captivating chapter from the captivating world of “Am I The Asshole” (AITA) Reddit threads. Brace yourselves as we embark on a delightful journey filled with cats, babies, and the art of nomenclature. Without further ado, let’s dive in…
    Introducing my latest feline addition, the fabulous Millie! She’s a chic and fashion-forward kitty whom I recently adopted from a local shelter. Choosing to stick with the name given by the shelter, as Millie both suits her perfectly and garners her attention, I refrained from altering it.
    Now, let’s talk about u/RiverRiden’s fashionable and forward-thinking cousin. Recently, my pregnant cousin, whom I have a decent bond with, shared a roster of trendy baby names on her social media. Surprisingly, Millie was one of the names on her list. In a playful manner, I commented to remind her of my fabulous feline’s name. Unexpectedly, she reached out to me via direct message, urging me to reconsider naming my beloved cat Millie, as she and her fiancé were quite enamored with that name for their upcoming daughter.
    However, the OP firmly declined. They rejected the idea, stating that their cat had claimed the name first. Carrie not only criticized their decision but also labeled them as self-centered for prioritizing their “silly” cat over her own daughter. Nevertheless, the OP calmly defended their position, asserting that their feline companion is far from foolish. Additionally, they extended an invitation for Carrie to proceed with using the name, even if it inconvenienced them. Despite these efforts, Carrie persisted in calling them selfish and abruptly ended the conversation.
    Seeking a stylish and fashion-forward perspective, u/RiverRiden turned to their sister for advice regarding their predicament. Aware of their inner conflicts, their sister expressed empathy towards their standpoint but emphasized the priority of babies over pets. Admiring her viewpoint, she suggested it would be thoughtful of them to consider renaming their beloved feline, acknowledging the significance of a couple’s coveted “dream name.” Eager to gather further opinions, u/RiverRiden now invites readers to share their thoughts on the matter.



    The differing opinions regarding the pregnant mom and her sister seem to lack widespread support. However, it begs the question: which side do you lean towards?

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