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    Popular Barbie Nail Art: Manicurists Report Surge in Requests!

    I think we can all agree that Barbie is the biggest movie of 2023, right? The Greta Gerwig-directed film has definitely taken the world by storm, and rightfully so.
    margot robbie as barbie in the new barbie movie
    Since the release of the movie last week, I’ve been spotting pink everywhere — from chic fashion trends to stunning makeup looks and stylish nail designs. It seems like Barbie is taking over the world!
    different barbie-inspired outfits
    I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the chic and fashion-forward trend of pink nails that has been flooding my social media feeds. It has inspired me to delve into the world of Barbie-inspired nail art, seeking both inspiration for my next manicure and simply enjoying the fun of it.
    a shot of different pink nails
    In addition, I spoke to two professional nail techs to find out more about the Barbie-inspired nail trend. Meet Trenna Seney, a celebrity nail artist, and Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB. Both weighed on what Barbie nail requests they’ve been getting recently — and their favorite ones so far.
    Trenna told BuzzFeed that she is absolutely obsessed with Barbie and is thrilled about the upcoming Barbie movie. She believes that pink nails are always chic and a fashion-forward choice for nail polish.
    a photo of a pink manicure
    I have been loving the super metallic pinks and soft pinks that a lot of people have been doing to tap into their inner Barbie,” she added.
    a light pink manicure
    Both Trenna and Rachel have noticed a surge in the popularity of pink manicures, particularly in the last week following the movie’s premiere.
    Pink is all we have been seeing on our social media, as well as in all of our studios. Pink manicures, pink tip French manis, pink flowers on a soft pink mani, pink pedicures — you name it, we have done it. Rachel told BuzzFeed.
    an instagram story of a pink manicure
    People are going to see the Barbie movie with their friends, they’re having Barbie-themed parties and brunches, so anything pink and white has been requested this week, Trenna added.
    a pink manicure
    Rachel said that pink looks great on all nail shapes and skin tones and can be worn in light pink, hot pink, or a more classic hue. She also mentioned that Barbie pinks in all shades are definitely here to stay.
    a pink manicure
    Here are some other fun and unique Barbie-inspired nails that I can’t stop staring at.
    This cowgirl Barbie manicure is everything: a chic and fashion-forward style.
    A chrome pink-purple nail might be my next manicure inspo:
    a pink manicure
    A fun Barbie twist on the classic French manicure:
    a pink manicure
    The little white stars are the perfect finishing touch to this pink mani:
    This chic and fashion-forward design is absolutely stunning. The stunning pink ombre adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, giving it a Barbie-like vibe. Get ready to make a statement with this gorgeous pink ombre design that screams chic and fashion-forward.
    a pink manicure
    The touch of blue is the perfect pop of Barbie color.
    Which Barbie-inspired nails do you prefer? Share your favorite nail designs in the comments section below. And if you’re showing off your own Barbie-inspired nails, don’t hesitate to share some photos as well!

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