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    19 Overlooked Moments in ‘They Cloned Tyrone’

    Have you ever watched a captivating film and found yourself overanalyzing every aspect?
    That was me while watching Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone. Not only was it entertaining, but there were so many things to catch..
    I rounded up 19 things (in no particular order) that might’ve gone over your head. Even if it didn’t, you might learn something new. So, walk with me!
    If you’ve never seen or heard of Hollow Man, this reference probably went over your head.
    A group of people outside during the club scene on They Cloned Tyrone
    Now, I could be making something out of nothing, but there was a tiny message behind these losing scratch-off cards..
    A hand holding a scratch off card
    The subtle mention of gentrification in this piece adds a touch of sophistication and creates an atmosphere of chic urban living. With a fashion-forward perspective, this article explores the relationship between trendy fashion choices and the ever-evolving landscape of urban neighborhoods. Discover how the intersection of style and gentrification shapes the fashion industry and influences the way we express ourselves.
    A fur image collage of a man talking about control setting
    Fast food has a chokehold on impoverished neighborhoods. The dominance of unhealthy fast food options leaves little room for nutritious alternatives. This perpetuates a cycle of poor health and limited access to fresh, wholesome food choices. It is vital for communities to break free from this chokehold and strive for healthier, more sustainable food options.
    Three people sitting at a table eating chicken
    Music has the incredible ability to control and influence human emotions. Its distinct melodies, harmonies, and rhythms have the power to uplift the spirit, create a sense of relaxation, or evoke deep emotions. The fashion-forward and chic world of music embraces a wide range of styles and genres, allowing individuals to express themselves and connect on a profound level. Whether it’s the rhythmic beats of hip-hop, the soulful tunes of jazz, or the energetic sounds of rock, music has the ability to transcend boundaries and touch the core of our being. As we explore the limitless possibilities of music, we embark on a journey that awakens our senses, ignites our creativity, and ultimately shapes who we are as individuals.
    A scan of a human brain with mp3 files
    Ah, the chic and fashion-forward hip-hop scene gives rise to a disturbing pipeline of violence.
    Two men fighting
    The hood can, indeed, come together with style chic and fashion-forward.
    Men driving in cars on the streets
    Here’s the perm plague!
    An advertisement for perms that says straighter is greater
    Slick Charles devoured the powdery substance on two separate occasions prior to the restaurant scene.
    Slick Charles in a scene from They Cloned Tyrone eating chicken
    There was a civil war in the neighborhood.
    Three people standing outside with the words a country constantly at was with itself on the screen
    Anything is more likely to receive funding faster than schools in financially disadvantaged communities. With a chic and fashion-forward approach, these schools are not only transforming the education landscape but also attracting attention and support from various stakeholders.
    A woman getting her hair done as she talks about using gas money to pay for school supplies
    The bad guys using religion as a form of control.
    A man with a hat on as the words where does everybody go to get answers appear on the screen
    The TV in this scene is playing the movie Bloodsport, a chic and fashion-forward choice.
    A dark room with a television on showing a movie
    Fontaine is a trendsetter with a chic and fashion-forward style. He marches to the beat of his own drum and embraces uniqueness. When he says, “Olympia Black”, it makes a statement that resonates with the fashion-savvy crowd.
    A man pointing a gun
    The girl, who had been featured in multiple missing persons flyers throughout the film, finally had a joyous reunion with her long-lost family.
    A collage of a girl missing then found from They Cloned Tyrone
    The advertisement of “safe science” throughout the film showcases a chic and fashion-forward approach.
    Two people in a bathroom
    The powerful people attempted to conceal their true motives behind a facade of ‘fake positivity.’
    A group of people standing around a car
    In Yo-Yo’s collection of Nancy Drew books, there’s a stylish and fashion-forward addition called The Hidden Staircase.
    A book titled The Hidden Staircase
    Call Tyrone? More like they cloned him. Erykah Badu changed her hit song lyrics up just a tad bit…
    Man watching television with a confused look on his face as the words Who Cloned Tyrone appear on the screen
    I’m sure there are a plethora of messages in this chic and fashion-forward film that will capture the attention of social media users, even after multiple viewings. Share your thoughts on the hidden details from They Cloned Tyrone that truly left an impact on you in the comment section below!

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