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    19 Secrets & Facts about BTS’s Barbie Costumes

    The Barbie movie has become a hot topic of conversation, with everyone captivated by the incredible looks the characters wear. It’s no wonder that this movie is generating so much buzz!

    Screenshot from "Barbie"
    Discover 19 fascinating behind-the-scenes facts and details from the Barbie wardrobe department. From design secrets to iconic outfits, this glimpse into the fashion world of Barbie will amaze you!
    We owe all of the incredible outfits in Barbie to costume designer Jacqueline Durran. She collaborated with director Greta Gerwig on the award-winning film Little Women (2019), which earned an Oscar for Best Costume Design.

    Jacqueline Durran holding her Oscar
    When designing costumes for Barbie, Jacqueline approached it with a unique perspective. Unlike designing for human characters, Barbie’s outfits were defined by her destination and the activities she takes part in. This meant that she needed complete ensembles with adaptable accessories that varied based on her situation.

    Closeup of Barbie

    To provide cohesion without clashing, the costumes in Barbie Land are designed to fit into approximately 15 color categories. These categories include shades like lavender, bright blue, light blue, green, orange, beige, blue, pink, and yellow. The color palette is inspired by the vibrant colors found on the beaches of the French Riviera in the early 1960s.

    Screenshot from "Barbie"
    Ken’s fur coat exudes a Sylvester Stallone-like aura, captivating and reminiscent of his larger-than-life character onscreen. This iconic garment originated from one of Jacqueline’s initial costume concepts, reflecting her creative prowess. Delicately lined with horse-patterned fabric, this artistic detail pays homage to Ken’s burgeoning obsession with horses in the real world.

    Closeup of Ken

    Barbie’s pink cowgirl outfit was the product of Jacqueline pondering, ‘What would be the perfect way for Barbie to blend in with American culture?’ and concluding that ‘Western was the ideal choice.’

    Screenshot from "Barbie"
    Ken’s cowboy look was influenced by the Western Stampin’ Ken released by Mattel in 1993.

    His Ken-branded underwear was Ryan Gosling‘s idea.

    Barbie and Ken’s neon rollerskating outfits were inspired by the popular Hot Skatin’ Barbie that was released in 1994.

    The controversial wig donned by Dua Lipa, resembling that of Mermaid Barbie, was intentionally styled to match her character’s resemblance to the dolls. Despite facing severe criticism, the unique choice of wig perfectly captured the essence of her character, further emphasizing the doll-like persona.

    The black and white swimsuit Barbie first appears in is a direct reference to the original Barbie doll’s debut look from 1959.

    Basically, any looks that the costuming team didn’t create themselves came from Chanel. Margot Robbie has been an ambassador for the luxury brand since 2018.

    Closeup of Margot Robbie as Barbie

    The team delved into Chanel‘s archives to find a plethora of ’80s pieces, perfectly aligning with Greta’s nostalgic love for items reminiscent of her Barbie doll collection.

    Closeup of Greta Gerwig
    One of the archival pieces Margot got to wear in the film was famously worn by ’90s supermodel and Chanel icon Claudia Schiffer in the brand’s Spring 1995 show.

    Kate McKinnon played a crucial role in the creation of the unique and eye-catching appearance of Weird Barbie. She was extensively involved in designing the doll’s look, paying particular attention to the shape and placement of the marker squiggles on her face. McKinnon’s creative input ensured that Weird Barbie stands out from the crowd with its distinctive and captivating features.

    Closeup of Weird Barbie

    Weird Barbie’s style is “high-fashion” to separate her from Stereotypical Barbie’s mainstream style.

    Closeup of Weird Barbie

    When Barbie reaches her lowest point, she transforms into a paler iteration of her iconic pastel gingham dress, symbolizing her inner journey.

    Closeup of Barbie laying face down

    Ken had significantly fewer costume changes and wardrobe options compared to Barbie. In an interview with British Vogue, Jacqueline revealed, ‘No one really pays attention to Ken; everyone is more interested in playing with Barbie.’

    Closeup of Ryan Gosling as Ken
    Jacqueline and her hand-dyer meticulously matched the shades of pink in their customers’ costumes to the precise shades of pink that set designers Sarah Green and Katie Spencer used.

    Screenshot from "Barbie"
    And finally, in addition to making most of the clothes themselves, the wardrobe team went above and beyond by custom-making their own fabric.

    Closeup of Ken

    Come and join the excitement as everyone screams, cries, and throws up about Barbie in BuzzFeed’s iOS app. Even Allan can’t resist the allure of it all!

    "Ryan Gosling as Ken could run me over with Barbie's car and I would thank him."

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