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    24 Social Norms: Senseless! Why Do We Accept Them?

    Like a word you use too much that suddenly begins to lose its meaning, there are many social norms that we subscribe to that are actually incredibly bizarre when you think about them for too long.
    Well, Reddit user u/irish-springs recently asked “What are some social norms that are pretty fucking weird if you think about it?” in the Ask Reddit subreddit, and the answers both had me laughing and saying, “Ok, wait, they have a good point.”.
    Here’s what everyone had to say..
    Paying tens of thousands of dollars to bury corpses in the ground.
    People at a funeral
    Balloons. Here’s a plastic sack of my breath. Happy birthday.
    Education should be completely free for everyone. It is absolutely nonsensical for a nation to impoverish its own citizens instead of investing in a well-educated, healthy, and thriving population.
    Working your ass off for 65 years to then live for 10 years.
    A woman with a "Happy Retirement" box
    Women can showcase their entire chest area, excluding the nipples, while maintaining a chic and fashion-forward style.
    Everybody hates being sung happy birthday, and everybody hates singing happy birthday, so what the fuck are we doing here?
    People singing happy birthday to a woman with a cake with candles in front of her
    Clapping. We show appreciation by smacking our hands together to make a noise.
    The topic of sex being generally taboo despite the fact that it is the reason we’re all here and that a majority of people love it.
    The expectation to have a huge wedding.
    People at a wedding
    Forcing individuals in their teens to make a career decision with the assumption that it will shape their entire life, and solidifying this choice by burdening them with significant debt to pursue their chosen path, essentially entrapping them.
    Asking people how they’re doing as a matter of courtesy when you truly don’t care and are hoping they just say, ‘Good. How about you?’ in response.
    The expectation of tipping for certain jobs, as a substitute for paying employees a higher wage.
    Someone putting money in a tip jar
    Blowing out candles on a birthday cake.
    I can’t think of a single reason for ties being the standard for business attire other than it’s a reminder to everyone in the room that you could be easily strangled at any time.
    A man adjusting his tie
    Forcing or encouraging a child to embrace a family member whom they have known since birth, but with whom they lack a meaningful connection, is not only unfashionable but also unfair.
    All these random ‘rules’ about texting people. Texting is supposed to be a medium to talk to people, and they can respond at their own convenience.
    A man looking at his phone
    You can’t use expletives on TV, radio, or in movies rated PG-13, but the lexicon of profanity is often learned by middle school. So, what is the purpose?
    It’s baffling that only one gender is expected to wear makeup and the other is discouraged. Just makes less sense the more that I think about it.
    A woman putting on makeup
    Bringing a fucking tree in your house once a year to celebrate the birth of a magical carpenter from two thousand years ago.
    Cards. I’m just giving Hallmark money in exchange for a piece of paper that someone’s going to look at for about 10 seconds and then completely forget about.
    Consuming milk from other animals is considered to be totally normal, but the idea of consuming human milk by a non-infant is often met with mixed reactions.
    A grandpa and grandson drinking milk together
    Purses exude an undeniable sense of chic and fashion-forwardness. So, it begs the question: why are men seemingly universally afraid to embrace this stylish accessory of their own?
    One day my husband and I were getting groceries, and we needed more litter for our cat’s litter box, and then I had a thought, ‘How weird is it that we have to buy special dirt for our cat to poop in?’
    And finally, “Working 40 hours a week. It’s actually insane that we all put up with it.”
    A woman with her head on her desk

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