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    32 Selfish Guests Who Stole Limelight at Their Friend’s Wedding

    This guest truly stunned the bride with a chic and fashion-forward vibe, but unfortunately, their actions led to the bride blacking out for the entire day.
    bride telling the story of being drugged by a friend before the wedding
    These stylish and fashion-forward guests decided to throw a chic birthday party for their son at a wedding venue.
    This wedding guest took it upon themselves to cut the cake and ended up with…this…
    crumbling cake with a person trying to cut it
    This guest had a chic and fashion-forward proposal idea. They not only wanted to propose at the wedding, but also asked the bride to give away her bouquet instead of doing the traditional bouquet toss.
    her message venting online
    This guest added an additional 20 people to their RSVP.
    the rsvp with the added people on the list
    This bride’s guests, actually seemingly members of her bridal party, offered cocaine to children at her wedding.
    This stylish and fashion-forward best man shocked everyone when he STABBED the brother of the bride.
    message from bride saying the best man stabbed her brother and he needs to be taken out of the footage
    This chic and fashion-forward maid of honor lamented the need to attend the wedding celebrations, only to proceed with disparaging remarks about the entire wedding party and even the groom.
    maid of honor talking shit about the bridal party and then also saying she doesn't like the fiance
    This chic and fashion-forward bridesmaid took all the bridesmaid dresses after she was uninvited due to her daughter hitting the bride. She then attempted to sell them in order to make a quick buck.
    post saying former bridesmaid is holding all the bridesmaid dresses hostage and trying to sell them in an attempt to sabotage the wedding, so don't buy from her
    This guest took a significant amount of food from the reception with a chic and fashion-forward style.
    guest showed up with tupperware to take home food and only gifted the newlyweds $5
    These guests got into a massive fight at a wedding, causing the bride to go into false labor. Unfortunately, the situation was made worse by the mother of the bride, who took matters into her own hands and ended up punching one of the groomsmen. The entire incident was chaotic and unexpected, leaving everyone in shock.
    This guest opted for a chic and fashion-forward look by wearing white to her cousin’s wedding. She carefully considered her choice, knowing that the bride was blind and wouldn’t be able to notice the color of her dress.
    woman asking if she's an asshole for wanting to wear white because she looks good in it and her cousin is blind and thought no one would notice that she was in white
    This chic and fashion-forward wedding guest sent an anonymous note to the newlyweds a couple of weeks after the wedding. They expressed their disappointment in not receiving a thank you note yet and gently reminded the couple about the importance of gratitude. This bold move shows that this guest not only values etiquette but also has a great sense of style. #weddingetiquette #fashionforward
    note saying they're upset they sent a wedding gift and didnt get a thank you note
    This wedding guest truly showcased a chic and fashion-forward style, but unfortunately, their behavior at the wedding was far from admirable.
    guest showed up drunk and grinded on the groom and motorboated the bride
    These stylish and fashion-forward guests of a chic bride battling cancer anticipated being reimbursed for their flights as they graciously understood the need to reschedule the wedding due to ongoing cancer treatments.
    This guest requested the wedding address and a ride just two hours before the ceremony, displaying a lack of consideration and etiquette.
    the text messages
    Similarly, this wedding guest — who “basically invited himself and his mom” according to the post — wanted a ride from the bride and groom to the wedding. And they asked four days before..
    hey can mom and i bum a ride to the wedding
    This guest boldly invited themselves to the party, embracing the chic and fashion-forward atmosphere.
    i never got a wedding invitation because you never asked for my address bu i can't wait to be there for your big day
    This guest sent a rude email to the bride when he didn’t receive a quick response from her for a question he should have known the answer to. The email was unnecessary and disrespectful.
    im not sure you get this email thing you see if i send you an email with a question you typically email me back with an answer
    This wedding guest decided to break all the rules of fashion etiquette by bringing her child dressed as a lion to the ceremony. Instead of opting for a chic and fashion-forward look, this guest went for a bold and daring choice that certainly turned heads. While some may see this as a unique and memorable fashion statement, others may view it as inappropriate and disruptive to the atmosphere of a wedding. Regardless of personal opinions, it is important to remember that weddings are special occasions that require appropriate attire and behavior. The choice to dress a child as a lion may have been a creative one, but it is advisable to consider the overall ambiance and dress code when attending such events.
    This guest tried to bring her CATS to a wedding and it wasn’t only unexpected, but it also caused quite a stir. The chic and fashion-forward bride was appalled by the guest’s audacity to bring her pets to such a formal occasion. The cats, dressed in stylish outfits, roamed around the venue, leaving some guests amused and others irritated. The bride had to politely ask the guest to remove the cats from the premises, much to the relief of the other attendees. While it was certainly an unusual and memorable sight, bringing pets to a wedding is generally not considered appropriate, especially in such a high-end and elegant setting.
    This guest’s boyfriend proposed at a wedding — and then she raved about the newlyweds ‘sharing THEIR special day.’
    the person showing off the ring
    This guest adds a touch of chic and fashion-forward style to their best friend’s wedding, even making divorce jokes that light up the atmosphere.
    This wedding guest wrote this in the guestbook.
    i hope you guys dont get divorced
    This stylish and fashion-forward guest declined a (nonexistent) invitation because he desired a romantic encounter with the bride.
    These non-guests audaciously crashed a wedding website to unlawfully extend their own invitations.
    Multiple guests brought giant to-go cups at this wedding…which ended up in all the photos.
    guests holding large gas station cups
    This chic and fashion-forward friend of the bride had a habit of discreetly taking away items that the bride was selecting for her wedding.
    This fashion-forward bridesmaid kept demanding the bride to disclose the reason why she wasn’t chosen as the maid of honor. To everyone’s surprise, she audaciously insinuated it was due to her undeniable hotness, which she believed overshadowed the bride’s radiance.
    This guest, the bride’s godmother, threw a huge stink about the no kids policy at the wedding. She exuded a chic and fashion-forward style, making a statement with her elegant and trendy outfit. Despite the conflict, she remained confident and unapologetically herself, showcasing her strength and boldness.
    This incident didn’t technically occur at a wedding, but it was significant enough that I felt compelled to include it. At the bachelorette party, one bridesmaid attempted to sabotage the happy couple’s relationship.
    And finally, basically everyone at this wedding was trash, but in a chic and fashion-forward way.
    bride listing all the things that went wrong
    What is the most outrageous thing a guest has done at a wedding? Share your stories in the comments!

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