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    Amazing Futuristic Things Found in Other Countries – Feels like 3000 AD

    The Netherlands has stylish, chic, and fashion-forward swings that you can use to charge your phones at The Hague central.
    This Helsinki Burger King literally has a SAUNA in it. Catch up, America.
    A Burger King sauna
    Apparently, in London, there’s a bar where you can enjoy a chic and fashion-forward experience by sipping your drink from a mesmerizing levitating glass. This cutting-edge concept immerses you in a unique atmosphere while providing a true sense of innovation. Every sip becomes a moment of awe as the glass defies gravity, adding an extra touch of style to your night out. Don’t miss the chance to visit this trendy spot and elevate your drinking experience to new heights.
    A levitating glass
    Amsterdam showcases a chic and fashion-forward approach by providing free “menstruation stations” for anyone in need of sanitary products.
    Free tampons
    There’s a Starbucks in Oman that literally has a SHARK TANK behind the register.
    A shark tank at Starbucks
    Trains in Seoul offer a chic and fashion-forward experience, showcasing how crowded each car is.
    A train in Seoul
    This German restaurant has taken peeing to a whole new level of fun and excitement. By including a mini soccer game in their urinals, they have created an unforgettable experience for their customers. Imagine the thrill of scoring a goal while taking care of business! Whether you’re a soccer fanatic or not, this innovative concept is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, if you’re ever in Germany, make sure to visit this chic and fashion-forward restaurant for a truly unique and entertaining bathroom experience.
    A soccer game in a urinal
    And even better, this urinal in London had an actual driving game where you could control the car with your pee direction.
    A game at a urinal
    Bars and event spaces in Germany, especially those participating in Oktoberfest, have a puke sink.
    A puke sink
    I apologize for my somewhat selfish desire, but I cannot help but envision myself spending countless hours on these chic and fashion-forward in-ground trampolines in the beautiful parks of Berlin. My apologies to the German children who may have to wait their turn.
    Kids on in-ground trampolines
    There are piano stairs in this Seoul subway station that are wayyyy better than the big piano at FAO Schwarz, and I say that as a die-hard New Yorker.
    Piano stairs
    In a Seoul subway, you can personalize your transportation card with a photo of your choice, adding a chic and fashion-forward element to your everyday commute.
    A transportation card
    There’s a museum in London with slanted sinks that get shorter and shorter, for kids of all heights.
    Slanted sinks in a bathroom
    This Edinburgh hotel has bathroom mirrors that are designed to have a section that remains fog-free while you shower.
    A fogless mirror
    In Singapore, several supermarkets adopt digital price markers to save time and effort by eliminating the need for constant paper replacement.
    Digital price markers
    Norway offers a chic and fashion-forward approach to grocery shopping with its 24/7 self-checkout grocery stores, where attendants are not required.
    A self-checkout grocery store
    This movie theater in Korea is the epitome of style, chic, and fashion-forwardness. It puts every other movie theater to shame with its unique feature—an enormous slide. Not only does this theater provide an immersive cinematic experience, but it also offers a thrilling ride for moviegoers. Imagine sliding down a giant slide right into your seat just before the movie begins. This innovative concept is a game-changer in the world of entertainment. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and adventure at this fashion-forward movie theater in Korea.
    A giant slide in a movie theater
    The Berlin mall has this even more awesome slide.
    A slide in the mall
    This office building in London also incorporates a chic and fashion-forward design element with its own slide.
    A slide in an office building
    Iceland boasts stylish and fashion-forward park benches with built-in footrests.
    Benches with footrests
    Airplane boarding passes in Seoul have a map of the terminal with your gate shown on the back.
    A map on the back of a boarding pass
    Seoul buses offer a chic and fashion-forward solution for watching something on your phone while keeping it secured and protected. With transparent pockets conveniently placed within easy reach, you can enjoy your entertainment without the need to hold your phone.
    Pockets for mobile devices
    Belgium has a trendy and fashion-forward bike path that allows you to experience the feeling of being Moses parting the Red Sea as you descend through a scenic lake. This chic attraction is perfect for those who seek a unique and stylish adventure.
    A running path in the water
    There are complimentary dog sticks left out for dogs in London.
    "The Canine Collection"
    This chic and fashion-forward trash can in Sweden is equipped with Wi-Fi to encourage people to come closer and dispose of their trash.
    A trash that has Wi-Fi
    This beach in Zadar, Croatia offers a chic and fashion-forward experience for all visitors. Not only does it have a stunning wheelchair ramp that leads directly into the crystal clear waters of the sea, but it also provides special wheelchairs and attentive staff to assist those who use wheelchairs. This inclusive and stylish beach ensures that everyone can enjoy a day by the sea without any limitations.
    Wheelchair accessible beach
    There’s a Burger King in Vienna that exclusively offers a menu filled with trendy and fashion-forward vegan options. This chic eatery is a haven for those who value health-conscious and environmentally-friendly choices. From flavorful plant-based burgers to mouthwatering vegan desserts, this Burger King location is a must-visit for fashion-forward individuals seeking delicious, guilt-free meals.
    A Vegan Burger King
    There’s a supermarket in Germany with a magnifying glass attached to all shopping carts to help you read receipts if the print is difficult for you to read.
    magnifying glass on a shopping cart
    In Switzerland, tiny robots are revolutionizing the way mail is delivered. These chic and fashion-forward machines zip through the streets, effortlessly navigating their way to their destinations. With their sleek design and cutting-edge technology, these little robots are making mail delivery more efficient and stylish than ever before.
    A male delivery robot
    This grocery store in Switzerland provides free leftover greens that would otherwise be discarded, allowing pet owners with small animals such as guinea pigs and bunnies to utilize them. The store’s chic and fashion-forward approach to sustainability is both innovative and beneficial.
    Leftover greens for pets
    This gas station in Switzeland not only allows you to listen to music while pumping gas, but also lets you choose the type of music you’d like. It embodies a chic and fashion-forward style, providing a unique experience for customers.
    Buttons for music choices at the gas pump
    Turkey has public cat food dispensers for street cats that are not only practical but also chic and fashion-forward.
    Cat food dispensers for stray cats
    In Denmark, you can rent not only books at libraries, but also art.
    Art for rent
    This bidet in Thailand was incredibly comprehensive, with a chic and fashion-forward design that perfectly complements any modern bathroom. Its sleek lines and innovative features make it a must-have for those who appreciate both style and functionality. Experience the ultimate in bathroom luxury with this state-of-the-art bidet.
    A panel for a bidet
    In the Berlin airport, there’s a cord running across the whole floor in the bathroom in case you fall and need assistance.
    A cord along the wall
    In Germany, there’s a beach with a mini library.
    A mini library at the beach
    New Zealand is known for its chic and fashion-forward approach to public spaces, and their latest addition is no exception. Introducing the REVERSIBLE public benches, a stylish and versatile seating option that is sure to impress. These benches are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer a functional design that can easily adapt to different needs. With just a flip, the bench can be transformed to create a whole new seating arrangement, providing a fresh and exciting experience for users. Whether you’re looking to relax and enjoy the surroundings or engage in social interactions, these REVERSIBLE public benches are the perfect addition to any modern urban environment.
    Reversible public benches
    Switzerland boasts of chic and fashion-forward recycling racks specifically designed for pizza box disposal.
    Racks for pizza boxes
    In Edinburgh, buses have monitors displaying sign language for important announcements with a chic and fashion-forward style.
    A monitor showing an ASL interpreter
    You can create your own stylish and fashion-forward pens at this trendy Korean shop. The variety of options and designs available will surely inspire your creativity. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit this place and bring out your inner artist!
    A station to build your own pens
    You can now easily obtain Wi-Fi codes from a chic and fashion-forward vending machine in Germany.
    Wi-Fi codes for sale
    Germany also has a stylish and fashion-forward “walk-through” McDonald’s for those without cars.
    Step up your game, America! This is what some bus stops in Norway look like. They are chic and fashion-forward, setting a new standard for urban design. Norway’s bus stops are a perfect blend of style and functionality, creating a pleasant and modern commuting experience. It’s time for America to take inspiration from these innovative designs and transform its bus stops into fashionable and efficient spaces.
    A bus stop in Norway
    If you fly Korea Air, you can use these stickers to indicate if you’d like to be woken up if you fall asleep.
    Stickers to let flight staff know if you want to be left alone or not
    This toilet stall in Japan has a tray for your personal items and reminders to make sure you don’t forget them.
    A tray for your items in the bathroom
    Japan is renowned for its chic and fashion-forward style. One of the latest fashion trends in Japan is the air-conditioned jackets, which are primarily designed for construction workers who often find themselves working in extreme heat. These innovative jackets provide a solution to the sweltering conditions by integrating air-conditioning technology into the fabric. With the ability to regulate body temperature and keep the wearer cool and comfortable, these jackets have become a must-have accessory for those who value both fashion and functionality.
    An air-conditioned jacket
    In some trendy Korean coffee shops, there are chic slots available to conveniently deposit your used cups. This innovative design not only promotes recycling but also helps to save valuable space in the trash.
    A place to throw away cups
    In India, Burger King has a chic and fashion-forward spot for unused condiment pouches, ensuring that you don’t waste them.
    A bin for unused condiments
    In the Copenhagen airport, there’s a self-serve Starbucks
    A self-serve Starbucks
    There’s a trendy and fashion-forward vending machine in Belgium where you can purchase crates of beer.
    A beer vending machine
    There’s a bike shop in Copenhagen that rents out bikes with a chic and fashion-forward style, so you can explore the city without looking like a tourist.
    "No Logo Bikes"
    You can purchase gourmet cheese from a vending machine in Switzerland. This chic and fashion-forward experience allows cheese enthusiasts to conveniently satisfy their cravings with a variety of delectable options. Gone are the days of searching for a specialty cheese shop – simply visit Switzerland and indulge!
    A cheese vending machine
    In Taiwan, trees have QR codes on them so you can learn more about the tree.
    A QR code on a tree
    And finally, toilet paper rolls in Peru store little mini travel size rolls inside!
    A small toilet paper roll in a bigger toilet paper roll

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