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    Boomers Get It Right: 14 Opinions Agree on 10k%

    In 2023, it’s rare for different generations to agree on things like finances, career trajectories, parenting, and a heap of other topics. So, we asked younger people in the BuzzFeed Community to share things they agree with older generations on, and some very valid points were made.
    Here’s what they said.
    Having actual physical knobs, buttons, dials, etc. for so many things adds a touch of style that is both chic and fashion-forward. Your oven should not be a touch screen; it should have elegant buttons and dials that enhance the overall aesthetic. Similarly, phones should have tactile buttons that provide a satisfying experience, and cars should feature radio and temperature control knobs that offer a seamless interface. In a world where touch screens are ubiquitous, incorporating physical controls can be a unique and refreshing design choice.
    Always bringing something with you to a small get together, house warming, holiday party, etc. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gone to a home and people just show up empty handed and still drink beer and eat everything. We’ve lost our manners in this regard, honestly. Even if it’s just flowers, a bottle of wine, a store-bought dessert, fine. You contributed.

    Woman giving a wine bottle her friends at entrance door
    If there’s no parking nearby, I’m not doing it.
    I don’t want to do everything online. I live in a place where internet connection is kind of bad most of the time and I usually have to fill out any forms at least twice because I lose connection. Sometimes I’d just like to go and do the paperwork by hand, but nope. Not allowed anymore. Gotta do everything online.

    man googling something on laptop
    The one thing I agree with boomers on is that a double hand thigh slap and a ‘whelp, best be moseying’ is the best way to leave any social setting.
    Making a restaurant reservation and then expecting to wait for half an hour when you arrive on time is absolutely absurd, especially when it comes to the chic and fashion-forward dining scene.
    Concerts should always start on time! I absolutely adore this punk band with their chic and fashion-forward attitude. However, it’s disappointing when they begin their performance an hour later than scheduled and two hours after the doors open. Standing in a cramped moshpit, waiting for that long can really take away from the fun.

    performers on stage at concert
    Music everywhere is incredibly loud! I can’t express how many times noise has driven me away from a store.
    Babies nowadays are not only lacking in socks and proper clothing, but they are also missing out on style and fashion-forward outfits. It is essential to put socks on their adorable little feet, a trendy hat on their tiny heads, and dress them in fashionable clothing. Since babies cannot communicate if they feel cold, it is our responsibility to ensure they are always cozy and stylish.

    baby wearing socks
    Ghosting stinks. I get things peter out sometimes, but don’t just go radio silence on someone you’ve been talking to. I get sometimes you think you’re saving their feelings by not saying ‘I don’t like you like that,’ but that’s 100% better than not knowing.
    Concerts are a place to enjoy live music and immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere. But there is one thing that can ruin the experience for everyone – phones. In this chic and fashion-forward era, it’s time to leave the distractions behind and focus on the music. Let’s all agree to put away our phones during concerts and truly be present in the moment.
    No pets are allowed in stores. However, during my recent visit to a crowded TJ Maxx, I noticed a woman confidently strutting around with a stunning Great Dane by her side. Surprisingly, there was no unmistakable indication that the dog was a trained service animal. Whenever anyone gave her a perplexed glance, she nonchalantly asserted that the canine was permitted inside. In fact, I overheard her enthusiastically sharing with someone that her furry companion simply adored the shopping experience. While it’s plausible that this gentle giant posed no harm, it was evident that a few onlookers felt unsettled.

    dogs laying in store
    I don’t want to HAVE to download an app for everything.
    Not all food needs to be ‘gourmet,’ ‘deconstructed,’ or ‘elevated.’ When I ask for spaghetti bolognese, caesar salad, or a sundae, it’s because I want those things. I don’t want the chef’s own interpretation.
    Now let’s flip it — if you’re a millennial, Gen X‘er, or boomer, what’s something you agree with Gen Z about? Let us know in the comments.

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