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    Discover the Impact of Emotional Ending in “Barbie” for Cast and Crew” (51 chars)

    By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the enchanting phenomenon that is Barbie. In just a mere week since its release, this extraordinary film has shattered box office records, amassing an astounding $500 million in global revenue. Its unparalleled success has captivated audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
    Directed by Greta Gerwig and co-written by Greta and Noah Baumbach, Barbie follows the adventurous journey of Barbie (Margot Robbie) as she embarks on a thrilling escapade in the Real World. After a series of bizarre occurrences, including an unexpected transformation in her feet, Barbie must navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Barbie Land and face extraordinary challenges along the way.
    Barbie showing off her flat feet
    While in the Real World, Barbie discovers that she is not as adored as she once believed, while Ken (portrayed by Ryan Gosling) gains insight into the power dynamics of society and develops a fascination with horses.
    Barbie and Ken getting their mug shots taken
    The entire movie is uproariously funny, particularly when Barbie makes her triumphant return to Barbie Land only to discover that Ken has brought his patriarchal notions along. Nonetheless, the most exceptional instances in Barbie occur towards the climax, when Barbie courageously confronts her femininity with the guidance of Gloria (America Ferrera) and Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt).
    In the climactic moments of Barbie, as Barbie successfully thwarts the nefarious Kens, she is left contemplating her role in the newly transformed Barbie Land. Her journey leads her to join Ruth, played by Rhea Perlman, where she expresses her desire to become human. With heartfelt conviction, Barbie declares, ‘I long to be a creator of meaning, not merely a creation. I yearn to participate in the act of imagination, rather than being the concept itself.’
    Barbie takes Ruth’s hands, closes her eyes, and envisions a captivating montage featuring women of all ages. The scene is beautifully set to the melodious tune of Billie Eilish’s hit song, ‘What Was I Made For?’.
    The moment when Barbie transforms into a captivating film is truly extraordinary. This comes as no surprise considering Greta‘s exceptional ability to portray significant moments surrounding womanhood, relationships, and much more in all of her breathtaking movies, starting from her masterpiece Frances Ha.
    The montage of all the real women in Barbie is incredibly poignant. What makes it even better is that the sequence is filled with videos from the cast and crew’s home movies.
    In a recent interview, Greta revealed her idea of having the pivotal moment in the film crafted by the very people who brought it to life. With an analytical and captivating style, she expressed her desire for authenticity and a genuine connection between the creators and the story they tell.
    Greta Gerwig smiles on the set of Barbie
    She continued, saying, ‘So I sort of said to everyone — cast, crew, everyone from editorial, anyone — ‘If you have things that you’re comfortable with sharing, this is an idea.”
    The cast taking a group photo at the premiere
    We captured the most exquisite moments from precious lives. These were the cherished bonds of friends, aunts, mothers, daughters, and sisters—it was a truly extraordinary experience, as shared by Greta.
    In fact, during an interview with Andrew Freund, it was revealed that one of his friends, who is also a close friend of Scott Evans, the actor who portrays Ken, appears in the montage. Greta‘s reaction to this news is incredibly heartwarming.
    Margot also disclosed that a few of her personal home videos are showcased in this Barbie montage. In addition to footage of her friend‘s adorable baby, one of Margot‘s companions manages to steal the spotlight.
    In a captivating interview with Capital, Margot revealed an enchanting anecdote. She reminisced about filming her dear friend, Steph, on her wedding day. As she expertly applied blush, Steph playfully winked, setting off a display of dazzling fireworks. Margot brilliantly captured this magical moment on her Super 8 camera.
    A closeup of Margot Robbie in a strapless sequined dress with long gloves on
    Both Greta and Margot expressed how including this poignant moment at the conclusion of Barbie added an intimate and authentic touch to the grandeur of a major studio production. Greta emphasized that it effectively grounded the entire movie.
    Greta explained that for her, brands like Barbie can often feel impersonal due to their global reach and iconic status. However, she believes that the montage showcased the human element behind the brand, highlighting that it was created by individuals rather than a faceless corporation.
    She continued, saying, ‘Movies, dolls…human beings make them. They’re not handed down from on high, they’re just made. There was something about Ruth Handler, inventor of Barbie, this idea that she made the doll, Barbie, for Barbara, her daughter, and that just human connection.’
    Ruth Handler leaning over a table of dolls
    Greta emphasized the importance of her films being rooted in personal experiences. “Every film I make has to come from a personal place,” she added.
    Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling laugh on the set of Barbie
    The concept for the montage showcasing individuals from the cast and crew’s personal lives emerged from Greta‘s long-standing desire to express gratitude towards the unsung heroes responsible for the realization of a film project.
    She expressed her long-standing desire for a credit in her film to be more inclusive, listing all the talented individuals who contributed to its creation. Instead of the usual ‘A film by Greta Gerwig,’ she wanted it to say ‘A film by’ followed by the names of all the dedicated individuals involved. Despite not being permitted to implement this idea, she found solace in the alternative she chose.
    I absolutely ADORE this personal touch that Greta and Margot thought to include at the end of Barbie. In my opinion, it’s genuinely one of the best moments in the whole film.

    What are your thoughts on Barbie? Share with us your opinions and emotions about the latest movie in the comments section!
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