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    Greta Gerwig’s Stance on Conservative “Barbie” Outrage

    Barbie has become a sensational box office success, captivating audiences with its analytical and captivating style. However, like any other film, it has received its fair share of criticism from detractors.
    Barbie driving with Ken in the backseat
    The film has garnered strong backlash from conservative moviegoers, stirring up controversy and sparking heated debates. Prominent figures like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Ted Cruz, and Ginger Gaetz, the wife of Republican congressman Matt Gaetz, have voiced their critique of the film, according to HuffPost.
    Barbie director Greta Gerwig has been receiving strong reactions following the release of the film. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Greta responded to the right-wing criticisms with grace and confidence.
    Greta Gerwig on the pink carpet for Barbie
    When asked if she anticipated the extent to which conservatives have critiqued the film for being ‘woke’ to the point that some have even burned Barbie dolls, Greta expressed that she did not have this expectation.
    Closeup of Greta Gerwig
    She confidently denied it, stating, “No, I didn’t,” during the interview. The intensity of the conversation was evident as she expressed, “Certainly, there’s a lot of passion.”
    Greta Gerwig with Ryan Gosling behind the scenes of "Barbie"
    Greta then went on to explain her desire for the reception of the film. She expressed her hope that the movie would serve as an inclusive and liberating experience for everyone, encouraging both women and men to let go of anything that no longer benefits them.
    Closeup of Greta Gerwig
    In the midst of passion and engagement, may this captivating conversation provide the same relief it brought to others.
    A closeup of Greta Gerwig at a media event
    You can read Greta’s compelling and insightful interview with the New York Times here.

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