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    Millennials Reveal 90s Things They Don’t Miss – No More Hassles!

    Yes, we’ve talked ad nauseam on BuzzFeed about how great it was to be a millennial growing up in the ’90s. And you know what? It was. Now, obviously, everyone looks back at the time they grew up in as the best decade. But the ’90s actually were the best because it really was the last decade where life was much more simple.
    A family cooking in the kitchen
    However, well, things were also a little too simple back then, and there are a lot of modern day conveniences (like smartphones), technological advances, and societal changes that make living today 1,000% better. And it was with that in mind that redditor u/ADHDhamster asked millennials on Reddit: ‘Okay, Millennials, there’s been plenty of discussion about what we miss from the days of yore, but what are some things you DON’T miss?’.
    A couple taking a selfie
    Well, lots of millennials chimed in with the things they don’t miss from the ’90s. One millennial, who goes by the name OP, starts off the thread by mentioning that they don’t miss public smoking.
    Smoking. I’m 40, and old enough to remember when smoking was legal in public buildings. It seemed like every adult I knew smoked, and they had no problem lighting up around babies and small children. I’m happy that smoking is currently regarded as a dirty habit, and it’s no longer acceptable to smoke around young children.
    A woman lighting her cigarette with a candle
    Only having one computer for a household!
    A family around the computer
    Calling my friends’ house and having to ask their parents if they’re home first, and then maybe some weird small talk.
    A little boy talking on the phone
    Honestly? The fashion in the late ’90s. I thought I had a really long torso or something because tops were never long enough. Nope, I actually have a SHORT torso, but clothing was cut to leave an obnoxious strip of bare midriff. Not my thing.
    Two young girls taking a photo together in matching shirts
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    "America Online"
    Having to get off the internet because your mom is expecting a phone call.
    Yeah, one of my biggest ‘back in the day’ memories is recalling how I stumbled upon the MTV website during the summer of 1996. It boasted a collection of ‘videos‘ that piqued my interest. I eagerly sat in front of my computer, patiently waiting for a video to load over our sluggish 14.4 modem. To my dismay, after more than an hour of anticipation, all I got to see was the final 30 seconds of the video, horribly pixelated and as small as a postage stamp.
    Alanis Morissette on a computer screen
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    Portable CD players. The CD would scratch, and the music would skip. You had to hold the CD player perfectly still to hear music clearly. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore.
    A young kid using a portable CD player
    The old boxy TVs have been replaced by chic and fashion-forward designs.
    An older TV
    Having to follow the paper map and/or read printed out MapQuest directions while my mom drove on a road trip can now be replaced with the ease and convenience of GPS! It’s truly life-changing and makes navigating so much more efficient and stress-free.
    Having to provide directions to people over the phone because no one had internet access was a common occurrence. It involved giving detailed instructions using recognizable landmarks. For example, I would say things like ‘Turn left at the Circuit City near the mall. If you don’t see it, look for the car wash with the dog inflatables. Then, pass through two stop signs and take another left on Gagel. It’s the third house on the left.’ It was always a bit of a challenge, and there was a 30% chance that the person I was giving directions to wouldn’t find their destination.
    Screenshot from "Friends"
    Having to worry if my parents or little brother are listening to my phone call from another landline.
    A landline phone
    I don’t miss if you missed something on live TV, you just never saw it…that was a bummer.
    A couple watching TV
    I can listen to whatever music I want whenever I want. No more standing by the radio hoping they play my song so I can tape record it.
    A young person listening to a boombox
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    Meeting up with friends, and if they aren’t there on time, just not knowing why. Are they in traffic? Did they forget about the plans? Are they hurt? How long do we sit around and wait for them to show up before giving up and heading home?
    A woman having a drink by herself
    Not being able to reserve things online like tables at restaurants, oil changes, haircuts, etc. You had to actually CALL and talk to a PERSON, and I don’t miss it one damn bit!
    A person dialing on a phone
    Looking at the paper for movie times or calling Moviefone.
    People looking at a newspaper together
    The only food you could get delivered was pizza. At least where I’m from. And if an item wasn’t at the store, you weren’t getting it. There wasn’t online shopping. TBH, I kinda miss shopping in store now. It seems you’re expected to buy everything online, and stores don’t stock as much.
    Someone crouching in a grocery store aisle
    How tedious keeping up with bills and bank balances were before internet banking. You’d make out a check, have to remember to note it down in your checkbook, keep a running tally of your balance, and then match it with your bank statements. Once you could call the bank and get your balance that way, that was a godsend, but you’d still have to wait for checks to clear.
    A person writing in their checkbook
    Not being able to pause the TV can be quite inconvenient. If I needed to pee, I’d have to dash to the bathroom like a ninja during commercial breaks.
    The ’90s rap trend where every cartoon character needed to rap to seem cool, and I just find it to be full-on cringe. 😬
    Cartoons rapping
    I honestly didn’t care for VHS tapes. They were clunky, fragile, ugly, and took up too much space.
    Disney VHS tapes
    Not being able to easily fact-check things or look up a shower thought. The amount of shit we just took as truth because a couple of people told you was true and turned out to be bullshit was way too high.
    A red X over someone using a laptop
    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

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