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    Mixed Reactions to Men’s Response in Barbie Monologue TikTok

    As you probably already know, Barbie was not only once again the No. 1 movie in the US this past weekend, but it has also broken all sorts of records.
    Screenshot from "Barbie"
    Of course, not only is it a wonderfully funny and overall great movie, but it also carries a powerful message about female empowerment and how difficult it can be to navigate the world as a woman.
    Screenshot from "Barbie"

    As @franny.pac astutely observes, the irony is not lost on her when a man exclaims, ‘You’re all doing amazing’, in a theater brimming with women absorbed in the scene. This action inadvertently shifts the focus to him, albeit with supportive intentions.
    A tub of popcorn in an empty movie theater
    Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident, as evidenced by the numerous comments from women who shared their similar experiences of having the monologue ruined by men in the theaters.
    "Comments (791)"
    In this captivating scene, these empowered women left men speechless with their incredible talents.
    "There was a guy next to me while watching the movie and he laughed and said 'little dramatic much' when I was crying about Barbie 1/2"

    "no bcuz this one guy sitting next to me literally yelled 'i hate women'"

    "old guy in my theater yelled this is so stupid during her speech"

    "The guy next to me told his gf 'too political' and she snickered"
    During the scene, others had men roaring with laughter.
    "i was shocked i heard multiple guys laughing at this scene in my cinema"

    "Dude behind me kept laughing I was like literally what's funny"

    "Me and my friends were all dead silent then this one boy who came with us began laughing during the monologue"

    "the monologue ended, i was crying. I hear a man chuckle two rows behind me. very representative."
    While other women exclaimed that men were constantly pulling out their phones, I couldn’t help but notice that something was different. Their gazes were not fixed on the glowing screens but rather on the vibrant energy in the room. It was as if a magnetic force was drawing them towards the captivating conversations and lively interactions happening all around. In this digital age, where smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, witnessing men prioritizing genuine connections over virtual distractions was a refreshing sight.
    "The guy next to me kept checking his phone for the time"

    "this was the point when the guy next to me decided to start scrolling through instagram i almost lost it at him"

    "A man was on his phone during that speech in my theatre and I thought wow..."

    "OMG AND three men in the row ahead of me were playing solitaire and checking their emails during her monologue and most of the serious scenes"
    Some women had to deal with immature teenage boys.
    "during mine the front row was filled with high school boys who would laugh, yell, and even went 'womp womp' during one of americas pauses in the scen"

    "a teenage boy kept talking during the quiet parts and the whole monologue he kept saying 'Its not that deep'"
    While other women had to deal with men making noises during the monologue:
    "in mine a guy went 'AWWWW' very sarcastically when she finished and you could physically feel in t he air that he'd ruined it for everyone."

    "a guy yawned in the middle of her speech at mine"

    "a guy burped loudly in the middle of that scene in my theatre"

    "there was a guy who audibly sighed behind me during her monologue"

    "in mine some guy made fart noises through the whole monologue"
    One woman’s perfect scene was ruined by her now ex-boyfriend.
    "My boyfriend was on instagram during the monologue and i asked why and he said 'bored'. We talked about it, hes now my ex"
    Okay, how did the monologue scene unfold during your screening? Did it capture the attention of women, eliciting applause and admiration? Or did it surprise and leave everyone in a state of awe and silence? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!
    Screenshot from "Barbie"

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