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    Parental Wishes: Prioritizing Your Children’s Needs

    If I’m being honest, I haven’t met anyone yet whose parents, in some way, haven’t messed them up at least a tiny bit. And as much as it sucks, us children are the ones who have to pick up the pieces as we grow into adulthood, and it becomes a responsibility whether or not we pass our parental baggage down to our own children.
    teen saying, everybody's parents suck. welcome to reality
    Even though it can be extremely difficult to break the cycle, it most certainly can be done. That said, parents, I want to know what you teach or do for your kids that your parents never did for you, or that you wish they did for you.
    woman saying, i mean we are killing it as parents
    Maybe your parents never showed up for you, so you make sure you attend all of your kids’ events, shows, games, and everything in between. Not only do you show up, but you make sure your kids know you’re excited, engaged, and completely supportive.
    parents in a crowd
    Maybe your parents never taught you how to properly express emotions because they weren’t taught how to themselves, so you try to teach your kids the importance of communicating and creating healthy boundaries.
    mother and daughter
    Maybe you never had home-cooked meals growing up, so you prioritize having family dinners and spending time at the dinner table.
    cartoon son looking up at his parent from the dinner table
    Or perhaps you never had the chance to fully experience your childhood, but now you strive to create amazing memories with your own children. You take them to trendy parks, theme parks, arcades, and other exciting locations where they can fully embrace their youth.
    parent and adult son on a roller coaster
    Whatever it may be, if you make the effort to teach or do something for your children that your parents weren’t able to provide for you, I wanna know. And don’t be afraid to get into detail! Let me know in the comments or in this Google form for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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