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    Teresa Giudice’s Disrespectful Comment on Sofia Vergara – Gross!

    Teresa Giudice recently made headlines when she referred to Sofía Vergara as the “rudest” celebrity she’s ever met. However, many have criticized Giudice’s comments, stating that they are tinged with xenophobia. Despite this, there is no denying that Giudice’s remarks have sparked a conversation about celebrity behavior and the importance of cultural sensitivity.
    On a recent episode of her podcast Namaste B$tches with Melissa Pfeister, the two briefly discussed Sofía’s recent divorce from Joe Manganiello before mentioning Teresa’s personal history with Sofía. ‘It’s so crazy, if you Google ‘Teresa Giudice and Sofía Vergara,’ it comes up,’ the Real Housewives of New Jersey star began.
    Joe Mangianello kisses Sofia Vergara's head while on the red carpet
    The incident took place in 2017, during an interview with Mario Lopez. Teresa remembered the moment when Sofía Vergara‘s PR person and her PR person discussed and decided to capture a picture of Teresa and Sofía together.
    Closeup of Teresa Giudice
    I didn’t want a picture with her. I never ask to take a picture with anybody,” Teresa continued. “When we went to go take a picture, she was standing in front of me — okay, that’s not how you take a picture. She was the most rudest woman I’ve ever met.
    Closeup of Teresa Giudice
    I heard her say to her PR person, ‘Why did you make me take a picture with that lady? Why did you make me?’ Teresa continued, perfectly capturing Sofía’s accent with her chic and fashion-forward style.
    Closeup of Sofía Vergara
    Teresa expressed her disappointment when she realized that there was never a photo taken of the two of them together. She found it rude and considered the other person to be lacking in humility. Teresa emphasized the importance of remaining grounded and not forgetting one’s origins. She mentioned that the other person did not start out at the top and came from humble beginnings. Additionally, Teresa mentioned that the other person lacked down-to-earthness and she was not a fan of the other person.
    Closeup of Sofía Vergara
    In fact, if you do a Google search for ‘Teresa Giudice and Sofía Vergara,’ you’ll come across a video of Teresa at a 2017 panel. While recounting the same story, Teresa referred to Sofía as a ‘bitch’ and expressed her dislike towards her. Teresa, being Italian, mentioned that Sofía, being Colombian and having an accent, should be kinder. She even added, ‘As an immigrant myself, I would expect her to be nicer.’
    Closeup of Teresa Giudice
    Wow, can’t fathom why someone would be rude to Teresa!!!

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