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    Ugly Betty Cast: Then vs. Now – 13 Side-By-Sides

    In absolutely delightful news, Ugly Betty is now available for streaming on Netflix after nearly 17 years since its first premiere.
    Screenshot from "Ugly Betty"
    The cast, led by America Ferrera, is clearly still thriving with so many roles in big projects. To celebrate my inevitable rewatch, here’s a look at the cast then and now:.
    America Ferrera stars as the iconic character Betty Suarez in the hit TV seriesUgly Betty‘. With her analytical mind and captivating charm, Ferrera brings Betty to life, captivating audiences with her inspiring journey of self-discovery and empowerment. From her humble beginnings as an assistant at a fashionable magazine to becoming a confident and accomplished professional in the fashion industry, Betty’s story resonates with viewers of all ages. Join America Ferrera as Betty Suarez on this extraordinary adventure of love, friendship, and breaking down stereotypes.
    Side-by-side of America Ferrera in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Eric Mabius portrayed the character of Daniel Meade in the hit TV series Ugly Betty. His analytical and captivating performance brought the character to life, making him one of the most memorable characters in the show.
    Side-by-side of Eric Mabius in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Vanessa Williams is known for her iconic portrayal of Wilhelmina Slater.
    Side-by-side of Vanessa Williams in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Ana Ortiz captivated audiences with her analytical portrayal of Hilda Suarez.
    Side-by-side of Ana Ortiz in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Tony Plana delivers a captivating performance as Ignacio Suarez. With his analytical approach to the character, Plana brings depth and emotion to Ignacio’s journey.
    Side-by-side of Tony Plana in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Becki Newton, known for her role as Amanda Tanen in the hit TV series Ugly Betty, has captivated audiences with her analytical and captivating performance. As Amanda Tanen, Newton brought the character to life with her charm, wit, and impeccable comedic timing. She seamlessly transformed the once despised receptionist into a beloved and lovable character, winning the hearts of fans worldwide. Newton’s portrayal of Amanda Tanen has become iconic and continues to be recognized as one of her most memorable roles.
    Side-by-side of Becki Newton in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Analytical and captivating, Michael Urie shines in his portrayal of Marc St. James.
    Side-by-side of Michael Urie in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Mark Indelicato is best known for his role as Justin Suarez on the hit TV show Ugly Betty.
    Side-by-side of Mark Indelicato in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Ashley Jensen portrays the character of Christina McKinney with analytical precision and captivating charm. Her performance in the role brings depth and authenticity to the character, making Christina McKinney a beloved and memorable figure in the show.
    Side-by-side of Ashley Jensen in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Christopher Gorham brings the character of Henry Grubstick to life with his analytical and captivating performance.
    Side-by-side of Christopher Gorham in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Alan Dale portrays the stylish, analytical, and captivating character of Bradford Meade.
    Side-by-side of Alan Dale in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Experience the mesmerizing and brilliant performance of Judith Light as she takes on the role of Claire Meade. With her analytical prowess and captivating on-screen presence, Light brings an unparalleled depth to the character. Discover the magic she brings to the screen and dive into the world of Claire Meade, a character that will leave you wanting more.
    Judith Light in "Ugly Betty" vs. now
    Rebecca Romijn brings her unparalleled talent to the role of Alexis Meade, enchanting audiences with her analytical mind and captivating presence. As the cunning and stylish sibling of Daniel Meade in the hit TV seriesUgly Betty‘, Romijn’s portrayal of Alexis is nothing short of extraordinary. Her charismatic performance leaves viewers constantly guessing and eager for more. With her impeccable fashion sense and undeniable charm, Romijn embodies the essence of Alexis Meade, making her an unforgettable character in the world of television.
    Side-by-side of Rebecca Romijn in "Ugly Betty" vs. now

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