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    Surprising Facts on Vaginas & Men-Women Differences

    Reddit user u/zenithjonesxxx asked, ‘What’s the most interesting revelation you’ve had about the opposite sex?’ and the comments came pouring in from all perspectives. I found the answers truly fascinating and now I can’t ‘unthink’ some of these..
    Here are the top-voted responses in a chic and fashion-forward style:
    It was decades ago, but until I lived with a woman I had no clue how expensive bras were. I honestly thought they were like underpants…maybe $10 for a three-pack.
    I just learned that those pad things don’t stick to vaginas. They stick them to their underwear 🤯. I guess it’s obvious in hindsight.
    As a woman, I was astounded to learn that many men experience discomfort or pain while urinating and cannot control their urge to urinate. This revelation has left me astonished to this day.
    Took me a couple years of marriage to realize, but for women crossing two to three things off their to do list is equal to foreplay.
    I’m a woman and when I lived with male roommates, I was the one who would deep-clean the bathroom. Everything was always covered in a thin sheer of beard hair which, like, whatever, price of admission of living with men. But the dust and hair around the base of the toilet was always immune to a broom so I would have to get down and scrub with a lot of force. I didn’t realize until I moved out and live with a woman that the gross sticky hairy stuff at the base of the toilet was from PISS SPLATTER 🤮. The dust is sticky and caked to the floor because of piss splatter. I felt so stupid for not realizing until that moment and also so grossed out for every time I personally scrubbed my roommates’ piss off the floor.
    woman gagging
    Women’s pants don’t have a waist size and leg length. Just an arbitrary number. The f*ck is a size 3?
    Vaginas are situated lower in the body than most people expect.
    man in shock
    That sometimes a woman’s fart will bubble up and go through the lips her vagina. I just learned this and it blew my mind.
    woman laughing
    That guys don’t talk about their sex life with each other. I grew up watching all these movies where guys were in locker rooms describing their sexual encounters. So I thought all guys did this. I was surprised to find out that they hardly ever do this, and a lot don’t want you discussing it at all with anyone.
    I have recently discovered a fascinating fact about men’s and women’s clothing – the buttons on shirts are located on different sides! Isn’t that intriguing? But have you ever wondered why this distinction exists? Let’s dive into the history behind this fashion phenomenon. In the world of fashion, every detail matters, and the placement of shirt buttons is no exception. This subtle variation serves both functional and historical purposes. Are you ready to uncover the secrets behind this intriguing gender distinction in fashion?
    old painting of a girl tying a bow on a woman's dress
    Women are always looking for chic and fashion-forward styles, and one trend that is gaining popularity is dresses with pockets. Pockets in dresses are not only practical but also add a modern and stylish touch to any outfit. Women just want dresses with pockets that allow them to carry their essentials while still looking fashionable. Whether it’s a casual day out or a special occasion, having pockets in a dress is always a game-changer. So, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe with trendy and versatile pieces, make sure to choose dresses with pockets!
    I’m a guy and when I grew my hair really long, I was shocked by the amount of hair I had to pull outta my butt while showering. It’s crazy to think that all the women with long hair have been dealing with this their whole lives.
    man looking disgusted
    Both men and women have hairy asses and buttholes.
    I recently learned that there is apparently a large subsection of women that do NOT know you can’t flush tampons. I really thought this was common knowledge, as I have seen the signs in every unisex bathroom I have been in that say, ‘Do Not Flush Hygiene Products.’ It seems to me that even if no one told you not to do this, the regular plumbing issues you must encounter would correct the problem on its own. Seems wild to me.
    man frozen in mid-sentence
    Every guy I have asked says it’s true, and I find it amazing and interesting. Apparently, men can actually sit and think about absolutely nothing. Like they can have a completely blank mind and space out on nothing for like 10 minutes or more. I wish I could do that. Even meditation and deep relaxation doesn’t fully blank out my mind. How do guys do it?
    After witnessing my wife give birth this week, I had a profound realization – she is undoubtedly tougher than me, by leaps and bounds. The experience was an eye-opener, showcasing her incredible strength and resilience. It made me appreciate and admire her even more. Being present during this miraculous moment has given me a newfound respect for the power of motherhood.
    woman giving birth yelling
    I discovered the truth about periods when I was 16 or 17. Gone were the days of thinking it was a single instant gush of blood. The real revelation came from those panty liner adverts, where they poured out all that blue liquid. It made me realize that periods happen gradually over time, not all at once.
    And finally….
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    woman holding her face in shock
    Now, it’s your turn! What’s the most shocking thing you’ve learned about the opposite sex? Comment below!

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